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Vonage Settles Patent Suit With Sprint-Nextel 45

mytrip writes to tell us that Vonage has been able to settle their patent differences with Sprint-Nextel for a mere $80 million. This settlement resolves all pending claims by Sprint-Nextel as well as licensing Vonage to use over 100 patents and a $5 million advance in prepayment for services.
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Vonage Settles Patent Suit With Sprint-Nextel

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  • by Ungrounded Lightning ( 62228 ) on Monday October 08, 2007 @06:32PM (#20904673) Journal
    The SIP protocol offers many novel ways to communicate. The least of which is a simple phone call. In one way, it is vonage's fault for choosing to stick to dumb phone call only because there were many neat possibilities awaiting consumers in SIP.

    The SIP protocol also lets anybody play without paying for anything (except for generic network service).

    With SIP the ONLY thing Vonage has to sell that can't be had for free is bridging to the public switched telephone network. Which is what those patents are about.
  • by hedwards ( 940851 ) on Monday October 08, 2007 @07:31PM (#20905223)
    It probably isn't insider trading. In order for it to be insider trading the people doing the trading would have to have information that is not available to the public. In this case, the share price has been so low that it doesn't take a whole lot to get things to jump around. That 260% is only 1.50 or so in dollars, and while it is indeed a large change for such a cheap stock, stocks to jump by that much on a fairly regular basis.

    Especially if the company goes from looking dead in the water to having a decent chance at continuing to function. SCO would have done the same thing if for some reason the judge had ruled that they owned the UNIX copyrights.

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