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Cybersquatter Faces Jail Time For Wire Fraud 55

coondoggie writes to mention that a Las Vegas man faces about 20 years in prison today after pleading guilty in a case where he impersonated intellectual property lawyers and tried to bully owners out of their domain names. "According to the FBI, David Scali is charged with registering an e-mail account under an alias and then sending e-mails in which he claimed to be the intellectual property lawyer. In the e-mails, which were sent in late June and early July of 2006, Scali threatened to file $100,000 trademark infringement lawsuits against the owners of various Internet website names unless they gave up their domain name registrations within two days."
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Cybersquatter Faces Jail Time For Wire Fraud

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  • Just clumsy (Score:1, Interesting)

    by Anonymous Coward on Monday September 10, 2007 @07:16PM (#20546281)
    If he'd actually talked to a lawyer before writing these extortionary emails, he could have come up with a more successful wording. We've seen lots of cases where people manage to imply things without actually saying them outright. His plan could have worked.

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