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Second Life & WoW Terrorist Training Camps? 292

Tech.Luver writes "theinquirer reports that 'Aussie Security experts claim that Second Life and online games such as World of Warcraft are being used to train terrorists. Apparently there are three jihadi terrorists registered and two elite jihadist terrorist groups in Second Life and they use the site for recruiting and training. This is on top of the Second Life Liberation Army.""
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Second Life & WoW Terrorist Training Camps?

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  • ROFLMAO (Score:5, Funny)

    by SatanicPuppy ( 611928 ) * <Satanicpuppy@NospAm.gmail.com> on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:41AM (#20069815) Journal
    Oh noes!

    How do you kill...that which has no life?

    No seriously, I think I saw a video of them training once [youtube.com](nsfw). They're in yer raids, ninjaing your epic loots.

    Some people are so damn stupid. What bearing could this possibly have on real life? The only thing I can think of is that you're increasing the fat, out of shape, cheetoes consuming segment of the terrorist population...Scary stuff. They do enough of this "training", we could neutralize them with a gift of free broadband and some jolt cola.

    The only way I'll believe that this is real is if we start getting evidence of terrorist attacks on gold farmers.
    • Re:ROFLMAO (Score:5, Funny)

      by dc29A ( 636871 ) * on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:48AM (#20069917)
      I *REALLY* hope they'll use WoW as a training camp. It's the only way we'll win this "War on Terror". The terrorists will be confused by very different laws of physics in the real world.

      I can picture it already ... Terrorist sees an airplane, jumps on a bird thinking it has the same abilities as a netherdrake in WoW and tries to fly to intercept plane and make it crash with his Fireball rank XII spell. Or better, they'll work in gold farming sweatshops trying to "subvert" the "evil" western economies!
      • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

        by Hoi Polloi ( 522990 )
        You think it's funny, eh? Well we'll see how funny it is when the terrorists come on their flying mounts wearing their epic gear and raid your family!
    • Re:ROFLMAO (Score:5, Funny)

      by dpilot ( 134227 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:49AM (#20069935) Homepage Journal
      Come on, put your tinfoil hat on for a moment...

      This means that Second Life and WoW have become terrorist-affiliated/terrorist-supporting orgainizations.
      That means that everyone subscribing to Second Life or WoW now have financial links to terrorism.
      Therefore :
          Everyone on Second Life and WoW is open game for DHS, warrantless wiretaps, asset freezing, etc.

      (silly sarcasm, frightening Orwellian reality, or absurd conspiracy theory, you decide.)
    • Oh no... terrorists also use their tongues to speak. Quick, cut the tongues of everyone you think is a terrorist...

      Oh no twice... terrorists use cars for bombs and transportation! Quick - destroy all cars, and cease manufacturing any new ones that are not STRICTLY for the use by Police, TSA, DHS, and RIAA...
    • Re: (Score:2, Insightful)

      by SnoopJeDi ( 859765 )

      What bearing could this possibly have on real life? The only thing I can think of...

      Don't lock yourself out of investing what could be a genuine point, just because the premises are completely ridiculous.

      Granted, I didn't really buy this when I first read it, especially the bit about using WoW as a training tool. But to be honest, not all terrorist training has to be violent. Terrorism is about guerilla warfare, and guerilla warfare has been around for centuries. It's an art, just like any other form of war, and it does have it's own subtleties.

      I assume that if WoW really is being used

      • Eh. (Score:5, Insightful)

        by SatanicPuppy ( 611928 ) * <Satanicpuppy@NospAm.gmail.com> on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:08AM (#20070197) Journal
        But WoW would be useless for that, as compared to a game of "Capture the Flag" played out in the sticks, or even in the cities. It teaches you nothing about real-world communications problems, nothing about the real fear and uncertainty of being in the world, waiting for something to happen, nothing about tactics against humans.

        WoW tactics boil down to tactics vs mobs, and tactics vs mobs. In the first you're fighting a bunch of simplistic AI, and in the second you're fighting a bunch of people who know they're not going to lose anything if they die, so they just do the lemming over and over until one side wins...It's a joke.

        I can think of a thousand "games" that you could play in the real world that would actually get you useful skills, and useful training. Playing WoW, on the other hand, gives you the wrong kind of reflexes, zero physical conditioning, and no actual experience with moving around in the world.
        • Re:Eh. (Score:5, Funny)

          by Opportunist ( 166417 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:19AM (#20070331)
          Sorry, sir. This is terrorhype. Logic and reason is in the next room.
        • Yes.

          I suspect the paintball facilities will be shut down before WoW, if the people doing the shutting down have any sense, which they might not.
          • Well, the Violent Crime Reduction Act (VCRA) in the UK has really started to put the cramp on paintball and airsoft collectors, skirmishers, retailers and site operators, even though their "weapons" are next to harmless and never even moderately injured anyone playing sensibly.

            So, next up on the news: Terrorists are training for battles using paintball markers. "Paintball should be banned!" says Politician X.

            • Pointless. A good game of soccer or dodgeball would be equally good "training". Improves coordination both personal and group, builds muscle and cardiovascular strength.

              It's impossible to ban enough stuff to make it impossible for them to train themselves. The only way to win is to make them not want to train.
          • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

            by ozmanjusri ( 601766 )
            I suspect the paintball facilities will be shut down before WoW

            What about this: http://www.americasarmy.com/ [americasarmy.com]

            It has a focus on terrorism, realistic weaponry, combat and team tactics. Shouldn't it be first up against the wall?

        • "Tonight, on Fox News, why is America ignoring RPG terrorism? What you do to protect yourself against gaming terror IN YOUR HOME TOWN!"
        • Re: (Score:2, Interesting)

          by Sobrique ( 543255 )
          I have to say though, something like EVE actually has a certain amount of bearing on real life. Leadership skills, tactical thinking, and organisation/logistics have real bearing on in game warfare.

          I'd actually be tempted to suggest that 'have run an effective corp in EVE' is worthy to go on the CV/Resume. At least, if it didn't automatically get you disqualified for being 'yet another MMO junkie'

        • in the second you're fighting a bunch of people who know they're not going to lose anything if they die, so they just do the lemming over and over until one side wins
          Not that I think MMORPGs have anything to do with terrorism, but you just inadvertently described suicide bombers.
      • Re:ROFLMAO (Score:5, Insightful)

        by Lonewolf666 ( 259450 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:53AM (#20070859)
        Why use something as far removed from real life as WOW?

        -any multiplayer WW2 shooter like Day Of Defeat, Call Of Duty...
        -America's Army (get your training sponsored by your enemy ;-)

        Much better choices for terrorist training (and I'd still consider them inadequate unless you throw in some real life practice with guns)
        • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

          Why use something as far removed from real life as WOW?

          -Food handling training
          -Medical school
          -Water treatment facility work

          Who needs guns when the enemy has no water?
    • Oh noes!

      How do you kill...that which has no life?

      "That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die." -- H.P. Lovecraft
    • Re:ROFLMAO (Score:5, Funny)

      by Hoi Polloi ( 522990 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:36AM (#20070575) Journal
      When the FBI came for the trolls,
      I remained silent;
      I was not a troll.

      When they locked up the orcs,
      I remained silent;
      I was not an orc.

      When they came for the dark elves,
      I did not speak out;
      I was not a dark elf.

      When they came for me,
      there was no one left to subscribe.
  • I thought (Score:4, Funny)

    by saibot834 ( 1061528 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:42AM (#20069835)
    And I thought they were trained in those small trucks (Powell showed us) in Iraq. I was wrong. They are trained in the tubes.
  • Wow (Score:5, Funny)

    by thatskinnyguy ( 1129515 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:45AM (#20069859)
    This is news... The terrorists have less of a life than we do!
    • This is news... The terrorists have less of a life than we do!
      That explains why so many of them are so willing to blow themselves up.

      I spent some time infiltrating the WoW. Now that this news has hit the streets, I think it's safe for me to reveal what I learned there... to reveal our strategy for victory. All we need to do is find their graveyard and camp in it -- their equipments will be damaged when they respawn, giving us that much more of an advantage.
  • Irak (Score:2, Funny)

    by CmdrGravy ( 645153 )
    I thought Iraq was the main terrorist training camp, now that they can use 2nd life instead I'd expect things to calm down there a lot.
  • by Himring ( 646324 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:46AM (#20069877) Homepage Journal
    ...by the time I post this:

    If you play wow, you're supporting the terrorists!


    So that's where they kept the WMDs.... In Ironforge!

  • OMG (Score:5, Interesting)

    by ruiner13 ( 527499 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:47AM (#20069901) Homepage
    Wow, and you know what? There are even MORE terrorists training in this thing we call "real life"! Can you believe it? We'd better end this thing called life before they have a chance to do something!

    All kidding aside, I bet there are "terrorists" using any form of communication that is there. Unless we live completely isolationist lives, never being allowed to interact with anyone, ever, people are going to *gasp* get together and talk about things, including terrorism. Focusing on video games is just stupid and a colossal waste of time.
  • Slow news (Score:4, Insightful)

    by Zephiria ( 941257 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:47AM (#20069903)
    You have to wonder about how someone can live with themselves for typing up this garbage, they go to collage do all sorts of stuff... and then this? People are blowing up corporate crap in SL because they don't WANT you there. As for using weapons in WoW to train for Rl? Uh where's my exploding sheep? :P
  • by andrewd18 ( 989408 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:49AM (#20069931)
    The real question here is, "Is the US Military the Alliance or the Horde?"
    • Re: (Score:3, Funny)

      "...A formal investigation was announced today by Northshire Township Marshall Lunde following the alleged incidents at what is now being called 'Kobold-Ghraib.'"

      "Demihuman Rights Commission workers denounced the actions of low-ranking Paladins who were wintessed assaulting non-combatant kobold workers, but were quick to blame a military and civilian command which they say creates an atmosphere of deniability."

      "The word they used was 'exterminate,' reported one novice, who spoke on the condition of anonymit
    • In case all the gamers out there don't bother reading a little trade news once in a while, it's worth mentioning that there are plenty of people putting together and actively supporting MMOG-ish things specifically for use by raised-on-games-generation recruits, and others. The training derived from time spent on these systems isn't so you can shoot straighter, or be able to run longer with an 80-pound pack on. It's so that when you actually do walk down a street or into a building with a particular purpose
  • As much as I would like to comment on the state of the world and the absurdity of "security" "experts" (each requiring quotation marks to indicate irony), it looks to me as if that article is a spoof.
  • by Petey_Alchemist ( 711672 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:52AM (#20069971)
    Who has been *called* a Second Life terrorist to debunk this rumor.

    The SLLA isn't a real "terrorist" organization. It's a bunch of unfunny people who think that exploding picture replicators near buildings in SL comprises some sort of Jacobin revolution. I'm serious. Look at their white paper.

    As for real terrorists: frankly, I hope they're practicing in Second Life. Because with all the other, harder-to-track ways they could be communicating information--IRC channels, encrypted and hidden forums, custom IM software, etc--they choose to use a public program in which anyone can access anywhere by default and the company religiously logs any and all chats that pass through their network and make it a point to discipline people on the basis of chatlogs.

    So we should be so lucky to have terrorists so stupid that they'd communicate using SL--a clunky graphically terrible product that can't even properly form eyebrows, much less a complex trigger mechanism--as opposed to, say, sending a real video over some other quicker undetectable means.
    • by SatanicPuppy ( 611928 ) * <Satanicpuppy@NospAm.gmail.com> on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:00AM (#20070087) Journal
      Hey, stop with your "facts" and "logic"! Didn't you hear? There are terrorists in WoW and Second Life! Do you know what this means?!?

      This countries supply of WoW gold and online poontang is in jeopardy! They are attacking our very way of life! We must mobilize for action! It's not going to be easy. I've heard that the terrorists are employing epic mounts, and exploding sheep technology, as well as second generation teledildonics, but we must not let them prevail!

      We will fight them in the empty casinos! We will fight them in the level 60 raid instances that no one does anymore! We shall overcome!
    • by samkass ( 174571 )
      Hasn't Second Life has open sourced everything, so you could set up your own third life, couldn't you? Those dang "open source" terrorist technology-supplying anti-American pinkos!
    • It's a bunch of unfunny people who think that exploding picture replicators near buildings in SL comprises some sort of Jacobin revolution. I'm serious. Look at their white paper.

      Or maybe it's a bunch of people who are really amused at how seriously people are taking this stuff.

      Seriously, people. Just because someone writes a "white paper", doesn't mean they seriously believe what's written. Did it occur to you that half of the crap "terrorist" groups publish on the web/satellite TV etc is just to ge

  • by Dareth ( 47614 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:53AM (#20069981)
    And we have the perfect operative for the job. Someone who can blend in with the terrorist and provide this intel.

    The only agent for this job is none other than LEEROY JENKINS [leeroyjenkins.net]!

  • by Xest ( 935314 ) * on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:54AM (#20069993)
    So that's why the bombs in London and the Glasgow airport attack the other week failed miserably.

    They thought their spell of detonation and shield of fire protection worked outside the game too.
  • the FBI take the easy route and bust them in WoW or Second Life...
  • Would they have considered their entire country to be a terrorist training camp if they applied their modern standards to their early country?

    (Also, is there a reason the CAPTCHA word is "convicts"?)
  • by mdwh2 ( 535323 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @09:57AM (#20070035) Journal
    When we had the stories of criminalising people for fictional virtual pr0n in online environments, one of the responses to show how ludicrous this is was to suggest we start criminalising WoW players for virtual murder...

    It's sad that everytime someone says "But you can't stop X, otherwise we might as well crack down on Y too, which would be silly", it's not long before Y becomes the Internet taboo which people also want to crack down upon...

    Please tell me this story is just a parody?
  • It's true! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Experiment 626 ( 698257 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:00AM (#20070083)

    It's true. According to documents recently captured by the CIA, some of the plots they are working on include:

    • "Get up to 375 in Goblin Engineering so we can build better improvised explosive devices"
    • "Crash epic flying mounts into buildings instead of airliners"
    • "Build a Mana Bomb like those blood elves east of Shattrath City have"
    • "Stock up on +sneak gear and enchants so we can stealth past the Secret Service and crit-backstab President Bush"
    • "Recruit an Enchanter to our cause so we can get Fiery cast on our AK-47's, for the nice glow and DPS increase" (Bin Laden vetoed this one, saying "You can only put enchants on melee weapons, n00b")
    • by Renraku ( 518261 )
      Six terrorists were killed in a mysterious explosion. Supposedly they were trying to reload the goblin mortar that they purchased on the auction house. Had one of them been a paladin, they might have been saved.
  • by jayhawk88 ( 160512 ) <jayhawk88@gmail.com> on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:03AM (#20070113)
    Baffling news today from the West Bank, where officials arrested six terrorists who were attempting to attack a local market. Apparently the terrorists tried to execute their attack by teasing several vicious dogs they found wandering in a nearby alley, then leading the dogs to the market as they ran towards it. Witnesses say that the terrorists ran into the market, waited until the dogs were right on top of them, then attempted to confuse the dogs in various ways. One terrorist wrapped himself in a camoflage cloak and hid behind a fruit vendors stand, while several others simply laid on the ground and played dead. All six terrorists were hospitalized with bite and claw wounds to their face and arms.
  • Great! (Score:2, Funny)

    by schiefaw ( 552727 )
    Once they get playing they won't be willing to quit long enough to attack in real life.

    "Ahmad, we must go fight the Americans now."
    "Maybe later, I am in an instance."
  • How much work is it to make a koran and a toilet in Second Life?

    • The toilet is easy to make, but you need to spend about $10 US to get 'parts' that enable you to use it. The book? No as easy, and $10 linden dollars per graphic times ?? pages. Of course then, you need about 4 years continuous time to read it as each graphical page of the book takes longer to load than a poorly designed web site.
  • by Lurker2288 ( 995635 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:09AM (#20070217)
    ACTUAL bad guys learning and practicing their horrific murder skills in a virtual environment?

    Somewhere, Jack Thompson just got a chubby.
  • I play Command and Conquer Generals almost all the time.

    While I prefer to play as China and nuke the crap out of everything. I also like to play as GLA and send waves of suicide bombers at the other players bases. (Almost everyone likes to play as USA, how boring having to adhere to rules of war.)

    cince games like C&C are FAR FAR better at training for strategy than the other two and also match the tools that the terrorists use, wouldn't decent strategy games like that work better?
  • As soon as a computer virus can infect a human being, as soon as code can break down a real life store, we'll talk about it.

    'til then, excuse me while I spend my time with something more meaningful. Like, counting the tiles on the ceiling.
  • Unless they're training to become furries or bondage queens I don't think we have to worry too much about SL. Seriously, it's not like you can learn to fly a jet or something in there (the vehicle controls are way too primitive), and it's not like SL behaves like the real world in most ways--you can detach your point of view and have it fly around for instance, or you can just fly around yourself. So what does that leave? Well, you can use it as a glorified chat channel, which seems fairly pointless. Al
  • when on a plane being hijacked. "We are the 1337 jihad. All your planes are belong to us. You just got pwn3d."
  • Get these terrorists hooked on WoW, and they'll lose their will to do REAL terrorism. Even if they don't, their loss of muscle tone and weight gain will make them quite ineffective, barely able to hold an AK-47 much less fire it. Suicide bombers will be too weak to stand with their bombs on. And their pale skin will make them the laughingstock of all the other Arabs.
  • by Ray Radlein ( 711289 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:22AM (#20070385) Homepage
    We must remain vigilant: This could be provide all the training would-be terrorists need to run around buying furry porn, attachable penises, and sparkly glowy rotating particle effects in real life.
  • Just the other night the wife and I were in a pick up group for Zul Far'rak and there was this Tauren Druid who was like...suicidal! He didn't have any care for survival! He just ran into everything in bear form! No care at all if he lived through it! He must have been a terrorist in training!

    Or a ten year old half-wit...

    Na, couldn't be that. He was a terrorist!

  • Now if they would only fight their terrorist wars in SecondLife, wouldn't that be just peachy. That way I would only have to contend with the maintenance crew the next time I take a tube ride. Engines keep falling off, glue on the electric rails ignites etc. I'd much prefer if the gov didn't announce the next security threat, ignorance is bliss ...

    I don't understand why they have to choose, Secondlife, couldn't they fork out on a Counterstrike server. After all I would have thought they would want to keep t
  • by Cervantes ( 612861 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @10:49AM (#20070783) Journal
    This is really good news. The military job in Iraq just got easier. Now all the terrorists will be easy to spot. They'll be the ones standing in the middle of the market square holding a big bomb, waiting for 5 minutes for the square to fully render, cursing about lag.
  • Slashdot's headline: Second Life & WoW Terrorist Training Camps

    The Inquirer's headline: Second Life and WoW "plagued by terrorists"

    The article pointed at by The Inquirer doesn't mention World of Warcraft except for in this idiocy from a think tank moron:

    Kevin Zuccato, head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre in Canberra, says terrorists can gain training in games such as World of Warcraft in a simulated environment, using weapons that are identical to real-world armaments.

    Yeah, the next time that a terrorist busts into a crowded mall with his Stormherald and starts stunning the crap out of people with Mortal Strike will be the first.

    Just stop linking The Inquirer already.

  • Oh yeah, I can see it now, terrorists running into a building, "DoTing" all the "mobs" inside, casting Frost Nova, then racing back out with the flag, using Rogues with crippling poison to cover their tracks.

    Seriously, if the only people these guys can recruit are MMORPG heads, then the world has less to fear.

    "Tonight we bring the war to the infidels and burn New York!"
    "Sorry, can't do that, I need to run BGs to get my new dagger"

    Most. Ridiculous. Piece. Of. FUD. I've. Read. In. At. Least. Three. Days.

  • Just a rationalization to monitor people using WOW and Second Life. Pretty soon they'll have an excuse to monitor anyone they want because of some affliation. Does anyone remember the Red Scare days when just subscribing to certain mainstream magazines was enough to get you under suspicion? The current administration are a bunch of freedom hating facistist that want the dirt on everyone possible. Knowledge is power and they want intel on everyone they see as a threat. That includes most Americans. If they'r
  • by miller60 ( 554835 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @11:11AM (#20071221) Homepage
    In his book about MMOs ("Synthetic Worlds") researcher and "virtual economist" Edward Castronova predicted that terrorists could use virtual worlds as meet-ups for planning and training purposes. The possibility has been discussed at the TerraNova gameblog [blogs.com] (with plenty of skepticism) as well as MetaSecurity [metasecurity.net], which tracks extremist behavior within games and the "security implications of virtual worlds." The guy who runs MetaSecurity, Roderick Jones, has published some research on terrorism and MMOs at a site called MetaTerror [metaterror.com].

    Yeah, it seems goofy and far-fetched, but there seems to be no end of surprises about the way folks interact in/with virtual worlds.

  • If the terrorists get dependent on constant heals, Power Word: Shield, and their felguards to win in combat, then they're only crippling themselves.

  • The US Army has been training heavily by playing Counter-Strike [wikipedia.org], so the free world should be safe.
  • This is on top of the Second Life Liberation Army.


  • Who sells them? Do they require fraction reputation? Can I grind to get them or are they boss drops? Can an egnineer or Jeweler upgrade them and what about invisibility-detection? Do they work in cat or bear form?
  • I bet TIM [wikipedia.org] would be a good terrorist training tool. Maybe then the best-in-class doctors would be able to build a working detonator?

    Seriously, SL & WoW for training? Don't scare me much. I'd be more worried about a terrorist who did his trained using TIM and CounterStrike. OldSkool and dangerous!

    On a serious note: Iraq has become a big terrorist training camp, breeding mean-ass terrorists with practical knowledge in wreaking havoc, mass murder and killing GI's.
  • HA HA HA... (Score:3, Funny)

    by UID30 ( 176734 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @11:43AM (#20071857)
    ... and it's not even April 1.

    *Terrorist #1: "What do you mean I have a squid on my face?"
    *Terrorist #2: screw this guys. we don't even have a prophet in our group. i'm going fishing.
  • Salzman from Accounting saw this day coming... We must use the Sword of a Thousand Truths!!!
  • From TFA (emphasis added):

    Kevin Zuccato, head of the Australian High Tech Crime Centre in Canberra, says terrorists can gain training in games such as World of Warcraft in a simulated environment, using weapons that are identical to real-world armaments.

    I'm afraid the article lost all credibility with me after reading that bit.

  • by ocbwilg ( 259828 ) on Wednesday August 01, 2007 @02:39PM (#20075213)
    I just read the entire article from The Australian, and it was only slightly less amusingly inaccurate than the WoW quote from Kevin Zuccato. Unfortunately the "amusingly inaccurate" has quickly turned into frightening. Doesn't it scare you that someone who is in a position of political power and responsibility in "the war on terror" is willing to put their name next to such a laughably inaccurate statement? Is he truly that stupid, or is he just too lazy to bother checking facts? For that matter, what about his staffers? Or the reporter who took the quote, or the editor who gave it the OK for publishing? I mean, we're only talking about the most popular online game in the world here, I'm sure that there must have been an intern somewhere who's played it.

    Unfortunately, the lack of critical thinking didn't stop at the thought of sword-wielding orcs on gryphons attacking government buildings, the bits on Second Life weren't much better.

    The arguments basically come down to two things:

    1. They can launder money through Second Life.
    2. They can create elaborate simulations of locations in Second Life with which to practice operations.

    The problems with #2 are mostly obvious, i.e., you can't just whip up an accurate model of a government installation (or even a public location) without detailed information about that facility. That means lots of reconaissance, collation of data, etc. If you have all of the info needed to create a realistic simulation in Second Life, then you have all of the info needed to create a realistic simulation in any other environment/medium as well. The issue isn't Second Life, it's the recon data that the terrorists presumably would have. But the reality is that such data is hard to come by, at least in quantities sufficient to be truly useful. So we can just whip out the magical Internet box to fill in the blanks, and suddenly Second Life has gone from being a stupid waste of time to being a Terrorist Training Simulator (TM).

    Argument #1 actually does hold some water. It would certainly be possible to use Second Life to transfer funds from individuals in one location to another, or to even launder funds. But anything of the sort would have to happen in a very limited fashion on a very limited scale. Transferring $20,000 via Second Life is bound to attract a lot of attention. Transferring smaller amounts of money would probably be more successful, but also a lot less useful. And frankly, I'm not seeing Second Life as being any easier or more likely to be used for money laundering/xfers than other services like PayPal. But you know, it's that magical Internet box again so critical thinking has to go out the window.

    As to "three jihadi terrorists registered and two elite jihadist terrorist groups in Second Life", one has to wonder a little. What makes them elite jihadist groups as opposed to regular jihadist groups? Do they hog all the dungeon raids or something, or does it just make things sound scarier? And how to they know that there are three jihadi terrorists registered? Are they really jihadi terrorists who are trying to recruit for real-world damage? Or are they pimple-faced 14-year olds who just want to smash up bits of peoples' online virtual worlds and are role-playing terrorists as part of "the game"? After all, I doubt that the people playing as prostitutes in Second Life are actually really prostitutes. For that matter, I am confident that most of the "women" in Second Life are actually men, but I doubt that any significant portion of them are transvestites or transexuals.

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