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Getting the Best Deal From Dell — Or Not 207

Nom du Keyboard writes "When The Consumerist published 22 tips for getting the best deal from Dell Computers, according to a self-described former Dell sales manager, Dell fired back with a take-down notice. You might want to look quickly, in the event it does get taken down. The Consumerist's lawyer's initial response was to deny the takedown request."
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Getting the Best Deal From Dell — Or Not

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  • nice try (Score:4, Funny)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 17, 2007 @06:26PM (#19544647)
    good idea because take down notices sure do work well. 09 F9 11 02 9D 74 E3 5B D8 41 56 C5 63 56 88 C0
  • Re:wtf? (Score:5, Funny)

    by shirai ( 42309 ) on Sunday June 17, 2007 @06:50PM (#19544813) Homepage
    My favorite part in the take-down notice is this:

    Thank you. Note, though, it has been almost nine hours since we made the request, yet the posting is still up, with the number of hits growing logarithmically.
    I think what they meant to say was exponentially. Logarithmic growth means it is slowing down really fast.

    Note: Seems whenever a take-down notice is given, the number of hits grows... exponentially.
  • by zen-theorist ( 930637 ) on Sunday June 17, 2007 @08:16PM (#19545311)

    And this article was posted to Slashdot AFTER that happened, and there is STILL no "Update: Dell actually apologized before we posted this article, 'cause we're dumb."

    You're doing them a huge disservice by letting this stand uncorrected, kdawson.

    dont worry, slashdot editors usually include this information by the third dupe.
  • by louisadkins ( 963165 ) on Sunday June 17, 2007 @08:44PM (#19545463)
    I used to be a laptop support (via temp agency) for Dell. (more than 4 years ago) At that point, at least, the process was pretty streamlined and easy. The only person that I can remember denying a claim on for this sort of thing (that was still inside the warranty period) was a guy that started slamming his laptop on the floor and stomping on it while I was on the phone, and then told me about it! "Well, what are you gonna do about it, huh?! I got a warranty for this $6,000 pile of junk!"
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday June 17, 2007 @09:10PM (#19545623)
    Listen. It's slashdot. You get half the story 3 days after it happens and you like it. Understand?
  • But... (Score:3, Funny)

    by TheVelvetFlamebait ( 986083 ) on Sunday June 17, 2007 @10:58PM (#19546337) Journal
    ... I still get a brand new laptop right?
  • by Phoenix00017 ( 1017168 ) on Monday June 18, 2007 @10:36AM (#19550547)

    I'm going to both commend Dell for this move and attack them for turning it into a crappy promotion for themselves. Yes, they made a mistake. Yes, they listened and responded well. Bravo to them and their PR department for realizing the blunder and admitting to it (because, let's be honest - those 22 confessions were ways to get better deals on DELL systems: it was a giant ad for Dell anyway, I can't believe they decided to try to challenge it). However, the 23 "confessions" that Dell posted are utter PR crap.

    5) We are committed to being the greenest technology company on the planet. It's the right thing to do for ourselves, our environment and our customers. See details in the Programs section of this page for more information.

    9) We normally wouldn't have said this in the past, but we have some very cool PCs being introduced later this month. Stay tuned and you'll see what we mean. Matter of fact, I've seen some pictures here and here.

    *Puts on Jon Stewart voice* "All right guys, we admit it. We've been trying to hide it from you, but you found us out. We're trying to be eco friendly. We're a bit ashamed of it, but since we're now being open and honest with our consumers, we'll just say it. Oh, and why not really open up and show our underbelly to you: WE HAVE SOME AWESOME NEW SYSTEMS COMING OUT SOON!!!! GO TO OUR WEBSITE!!1!!11!"

    Plus, #23 is utter crap and was just put on there so they could literally 1-up the previous article. I've bought a lot of Dell's, and for the money they're some of the best computers you can get, but this kind of lame PR stunt, when they almost had a legitimately honest and strong response, just pisses me off.

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