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ESRB Ratings Unfairly Targeted? 53

John Callaham writes "The US video game ratings system created by the industry and the ESRB has come under attack in recent months, but is it really all that bad? FiringSquad decided to take an informal retail survey and compare how the ESRB rates games to how the movie and TV industry rates DVD releases." From the article: "One person who has been highly critical of the ESRB system is Leland Yee, the California Assemblyman who authored the bill that was signed into law last fall in that state that would ban the sales of certain games with violent content to minors (the law is currently not being enforced pending the conclusion of a court case started by the video/PC game industry). When the study of content descriptions in M-rated games was issued by Harvard earlier this month, Yee was quick to send out a press release ..."
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ESRB Ratings Unfairly Targeted?

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  • Re:Duh. (Score:5, Informative)

    by sqlrob ( 173498 ) on Thursday April 27, 2006 @11:45AM (#15212756)
    They've just flopped it in the other direction. M is the equivalent of NC-17, and AO is the equivalent of X


    R = M
    NC-17 = AO

    There is no X, it was replaced with NC-17 because they didn't register the mark. Just like NC-17 movies, there's only a handful of AO games.

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