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Three Companies Shut Down For Spyware Bundling 95

SenseOfHumor writes "A U.S. Court has shut down three companies for secretly bundling spyware. The assets of Enternet Media Inc. and Conspy & Co. Inc., based in California, and Iwebtunes, based in Ohio, have been frozen pending further court action, the FTC said. The court also ordered all three firms to halt downloads of the software." From the article: "According to a complaint filed in district court in Los Angeles, Enternet and Conspy bundled their malicious software with music files, song lyrics and cellular telephone ring tones offered free on a range of Web sites. The software was also disguised as a security upgrade for Microsoft Corp.'s Internet Explorer Web browser."
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Three Companies Shut Down For Spyware Bundling

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  • Enternet 300? (Score:4, Interesting)

    by planetoid ( 719535 ) on Friday November 11, 2005 @05:37PM (#14011753)
    Is this the same Enternet company who wrote the simple Enternet 300 DSL connection program for routerless users? I remember my ISP would bundle that program with the DSL modems you got for free when you signed up for broadband (are they called DSL "modems" or something else? lol). I wonder how far back their affiliation in spyware goes... I might have to dig up my old computer and take a look-see :/
  • $sys$Sony (Score:2, Interesting)

    by kyshtock ( 608605 ) on Friday November 11, 2005 @05:59PM (#14011921)
    Well, I doubt that they will shut down Sony... but some nice fines might be in order. And some regulations on the EULAs. And maybe, just maybe, some modifications on the DMCA.

    I wonder what happened... suddenly they started to care about malware...

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