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DC Could Ban 'Mature' Video Game Sales to Minors 578

DeathPooky writes "As a part of an effort to continue a reduction in crime in the nation's former murder capital, DC leaders are trying to pass a law banning the sale of mature video games to minors - along with harsh penalties to enforce the law. According to the article, 'A store that violates the law could lose its business license and face a fine of as much as $10,000.' This law mimics other such bans proposed in Virginia and Maryland. I can already feel the chilling effects from here."
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DC Could Ban 'Mature' Video Game Sales to Minors

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  • by Anonymous Coward on Saturday February 05, 2005 @08:44AM (#11581807)
    If it's illegal to buy it, I guess we'll have to just download the games for free.

    Now SHAME on you. You know that once something is declared illegal, nobody circumvents the law. Why else would the government pass them, huh?

    For instance, when DC banned handguns, all handgun crime disappeared. Rifles and shotguns had been prohibited earlier, so now there are no murders from the use of a gun at all in DC.

    Unfortunately, there still are too many videogames out there and somehow they can be used to kill (myself, I've only gotten an occasional papercut from them, but then I'm certainly not a qualified game killer either. And I've never killed anyone with my Glock 21 either, but I digress). Videogames, butterknifes, sporks, hot-dog skewers and numerous other dangerous killer objects still remain and must be made illegal so the residents of DC can be safe again.

    Must suck to be so helpless...

  • by Maljin Jolt ( 746064 ) on Saturday February 05, 2005 @09:43AM (#11582010) Journal
    I think they should ban nethack on the first place. Killing random monsters just for grabbing their magic items is certainly a felony and eating them is disgusting as well.

  • by space_jake ( 687452 ) on Saturday February 05, 2005 @12:15PM (#11582822)
    If we don't have violent video games how are our children going to defend us should world conquering aliens come to earth?

    Someday they'll build a board with a nail in it big enough to destroy them all.

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