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Ciphire, A Transparent, Easy PGP Alternative 345

mixter writes "Hi. I'd like to point your attention to Ciphire, a fully free and soon-to-be-audited-OpenSource 'Global PKI' project I've been working on for the last three years. As the first three or four thousand geeks started using Ciphire and seem happy, with some tech articles written, I guess the /. community might find this interesting, too. Ciphire hopes to have solved the problems that prevented PGP from a broader deployment, with even higher security standards - as already confirmed by crypto experts Housley & Ferguson. More useful information, e.g. in Wired or in the Nerd^H^H^H^Hexperts FAQ."
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Ciphire, A Transparent, Easy PGP Alternative

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  • by dq5 studios ( 682179 ) on Sunday January 23, 2005 @11:46AM (#11447820) Homepage
    so how exactly are you getting it installed and turned on by default in Outlook and Outlook Express?

    A new e-mail worm?
  • by MightyTribble ( 126109 ) on Sunday January 23, 2005 @11:51AM (#11447844)
    ...and wish to subscribe to your newsletter! /Homer

    Seriously - I don't like how my first encounter with your site is when it tries to set a passel of cookies. Get on that, would ya?
  • by Anne_Nonymous ( 313852 ) on Sunday January 23, 2005 @12:32PM (#11448079) Homepage Journal
    -----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----
    Version: PGPfreeware for non-commercial use

    qANQR1DBwk4D5F2YKoTmerkQC/0Tl5MChitPajOOAZQRLXqp BY RByr6Gf01kVLY2
    kB0kz4N9lx8Wh2LLMVaAtBmB+WcFbvTG1/ U1/lCK6icJn0ZPBi S8VzfG1Ia+lmhx
    O+QcYB5xKwrQwAUNx7xkh/jQ2bQ5K/wDpd YVz7EHgwxuSp5gWF GIBlErO+Qx+KR9
    svMDLPIDhn2g/4crV3Ny4Zqcd6NiuBtTpR lVr5SxrHIU7PdvCf LEdqEV2SThvHHm
    WpFuVl4Mt5L2KEYlZWWPoD8TbP1e4S40il HN45+56NUjC9bJGO 2SNuVYMxzo44fd
    V6TZRjEKyoVnp7+R2DEPR1U2ylTHtIB87N Nx8wVglD4A98K+Wv wrbvHscbdvS2Sb
    DaxqDxsAAjFy9KKgLx+M/3ylOCnXRRlE5t 8zfbIZbUusjqlfjM WEpnh4xrV4l4K9
    7ZRCbcukRSMuPqXqyKkbtakrY1ZMOC9gzQ nvZndgNSp70h6hpb L24sMfvVPUZfF9
    YphC/ufrr9yrOGiqz9FHbDoe8JAMAKRKby /GTYmfQcCCYrp1G2 SS1XWVjk5cbWsX
    aj1Py2c3Uv5rT3qRIta+8terQPBMplIqKc Rh3LMr+lAyPPRAvT RKkw8FT+msDVhL
    Nd5pwJL5HEjAVE5GeU9dxPZhZp8X9I4o3W 4C9Zh1AGqeYMOU2Q mTN/yffpoqFHi+
    VLC+ocxj4lIzFPVH1ag7MRe+OMay25A7bI 5n7RvKRGCauUoEmo zn6o8xpFdDxDl7
    7lXc5zTuhNGYtlhnFR7Cy/PRs+af4Q97v7 Smvvv6GmlBX9qsnY RFwLNt7bI8PdTe
    oBms31MZdLEu9ryUOQGzNwnz8VAe8uWYR8 rt2wN59J8lLnKzaI ZdW3mOc+TjmTrf
    zEQLmRFppwb7ALFkFY6dkrbyKi0kMCEg3T EDBNLiUARhBzJu/S ssWERg5tZHJ9NL
    1Tr0efYiD0hJ7OAwOcruelss6a7Qtsagc2 ihlyXgwj4mFuY53Z DHL5xAnRNKMxmo
    Mzf1P8wluS+FkWXQZLCcv5grFLw9xskm+9 yh/r629B9VuYW7Wr RDVaP7rdyNP7F5
    ----- END PGP MESSAGE-----
  • by Aeiri ( 713218 ) on Sunday January 23, 2005 @12:59PM (#11448249)
    Exactly. I don't have to lock my screen every time I move 3 feet to go to the bathroom and the only people in the house are incompetent and have never even heard of Linux before, with doors that are locked and bolted and 3 inch windows, and on top of that, use this alias to start X:

    alias x="startx -- -nolisten tcp &;disown;clear;logout";

    So that they can't CTRL+ALT+F1 or CTRL+ALT+Backspace into a logged in tty.

    It's just... wait.. now that I think of it that is a little overkill...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Sunday January 23, 2005 @01:00PM (#11448252)
    On the contrary, my trollish friend. Unless you feel obligated to watch every line of g++ live, you'll find you have hours of time to take showers, cut your fingernails, go shopping for new clothes, find a hot date, yada etc and so on. Sure you can multitask, but who wants to interfere a box that is trying to update itself? Why interfere with beauty? That's like asking a kid in school who just asked the meaning of life to go rake leaves in the playground. ...When she has the book in front of her that could answer it, and a teacher who could explain it. Just Pointless.

    On the contrary, you can and should take a break while your box compiles itself. That means, every time there's a new update of bashcomplete or KDE or something, BAM! hygene++. Fun++. Lifer0x0rs++. Learn_about_cryptography++. Cavities--.

    Gentoo is about more than having optimized code. It's about a self-learning genius child in the making, who knows how to download her own dependencies. Linux is about more than being an evil super-villain, it's about freeing your mind. Unix is about more than hating Windows, it's about saving the world, and being cool. (Cool BSD chicks have always known this.)

    So, my friend, pipe that emerge output to your printer, and hire a friend (or "emerge festival") to read it to you while you sleep, like the rest of us do. While it is tough, you will learn that you do not have to watch every line of output from emerge as it appears. Like all caring parents have to learn, you cannot spend every waking second of your life with your prodigous child. Your box might overoptimize once in a while, need to be told to recompile with a new use flag, or require a little etc-update from time to time, but you will discover that your sweet little gentoo is more resilient than it seems, and life goes on.

    So, in light of our OCD friend's troll, I propose a toast, to showers, to prodigous super-children, to red leather, and to cavity free smiles!

Forty two.