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Officials secretly RFID'd at Internet Summit 216

ewoudenberg writes "A Washington Times article reports that researchers managed to gain entrance to the Internet and technology conference in Switzerland last week only to discover that the summit's badges contained undisclosed RFID chips. The badges were handed out to more than 50 prime ministers, presidents and other high-level officials from 174 countries, including the United States."
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Officials secretly RFID'd at Internet Summit

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  • DUPE!! (Score:2, Informative)

    by Anonymous Coward on Sunday December 14, 2003 @11:43AM (#7716641)
  • duplicate (Score:1, Informative)

    by hugesmile ( 587771 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @11:45AM (#7716663)
    Wasn't this already discussed? []
  • by grondu ( 239962 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @11:57AM (#7716809)
    Washington Post has their own agendas politically when it comes to reporting.

    The link is to the Washington Times , not the Washington Post.
  • by maelstrom ( 638 ) * on Sunday December 14, 2003 @01:19PM (#7717561) Homepage Journal
    CmdrTaco hasn't read this site in years.

  • RFID is nothing new (Score:3, Informative)

    by dacarr ( 562277 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @02:03PM (#7717944) Homepage Journal
    They use it to track runners for the LA Marathon. No biggie.
  • Re:Cool. (Score:2, Informative)

    by Scudsucker ( 17617 ) on Sunday December 14, 2003 @07:22PM (#7720419) Homepage Journal
    I've got a Webster's Dictionary sitting in front of me that was published before the Clinton administration.

    That's why its called splitting hairs, my friend. Some dicionary's have 50+ definitions of the word "set", does that mean I'm lying if I use it in one connotation, without mentioning the 49 others?

    Yes, he was, per my point above.

    No he wasn't, as the other poster proved.

    We just had a case locally where a cop was getting BJs in return for not issuing tickets. (Again, power over powerless). Turns out there were over a dozen different women before one finally turned him in. I see very little difference between that and what Clinton was doing.

    Except that all of those instances are illegal. Consensual sex with a person of age is not. As it wasn't an illegal act, and consensual sex is not harrassment, there was no purgery. And from all reports, its seems that Monica is the one who came onto Bill, not the other way around.

    How many women did Clinton really take advantage of using his positions as Governor and then President?

    Zero, probably. No, seriously, think about it for one single second. Congresss investigated him countless times. A couple of independant prosecutors investigated him with unlimited time, unlimited staff, unlimted budged, unlimited resources (the Starr investigation spent something like $60 million alone). All these people went over every single spec of dust in Clinton's adult life with an electron microscope, and the worst thing they can come up with is making misleading statements about their sex life? Would you look as good after being investigated so throuraly? Would anyone? Hell, lets be fair and spend $60 million frikkin dollars investigating every public official, starting with George Bush. Lets investigate his rumored cocaine use, the time he skipped out on his military service, the rumored abortion for a pregnant girlfirend, and his rumored shenanigans at various energy companies. All of those things are illegal; getting a BJ from a consenting adult is not.


    Eat it.

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