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Censorship Your Rights Online

Wayback Machine Purged of Scientology Criticism 443

muldrake writes "The Wayback Machine, an archive of websites as they appeared in their past incarnations, is reported by CNET in this story as having censored the Scientology-critical Xenu.net, in a repeat of the heavy-handed tactics used against Google as reported in this previous Slashdot thread."
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Wayback Machine Purged of Scientology Criticism

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  • Bigger news (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Dancin_Santa ( 265275 ) <DancinSanta@gmail.com> on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @06:32PM (#4323124) Journal
    Lifelong Scientology foe, Nicholas Cage, was married to Scientology fan Priscilla Presley last month. Which one changed religions?
  • Boom! (Score:4, Interesting)

    by slug359 ( 533109 ) on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @06:39PM (#4323185) Homepage
    Scientology follow the strict doctrine: 'Always attack, never defend,' one of Hubbard's teachings.

    In anti-Scientology [xenu.net] circles this is known as 'Operation Footbullet [xenu.net]' for obvious reasons.

  • Re:Bigger news (Score:3, Interesting)

    by Dancin_Santa ( 265275 ) <DancinSanta@gmail.com> on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @06:40PM (#4323191) Journal
    A Google [google.co.jp] search results in a ton of links regarding Cage's and Jim Carrey's shenanigans. It seems that Carrey is more vehement in his opposition to CoS, but Cage seems to be right there with him.
  • by muldrake ( 171275 ) on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @07:17PM (#4323405) Homepage Journal
    In recent news, Keith Henson [operatingthetan.com] had his home invaded [operatingthetan.com] just yesterday under pretext of bankruptcy asset investigation, because he has been bankrupted by Scientology litigation.
  • Re:I don't get it... (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Just Some Guy ( 3352 ) <kirk+slashdot@strauser.com> on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @07:47PM (#4323616) Homepage Journal

    Actually, that's not quite accurate. They claim copyright on the work, but simultaneously deny that it's a real "church" document. I've always wondered about that. How can you claim copy rights on something that you swear you didn't create?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @08:00PM (#4323709)
    "Diskeeper", the defragmentation program integrated in Windows 2000 and Windows XP is written by "Executive Software", which was founded by Craig Jensen, an "operating Thetan at level VIII".

    Jensen is not only a Scientologist himself, he also only hires Scientologists - He requested: "Fully trained scientologists, computer skills desirable but not a prerequisite"

    The German government requested Microsoft to release the source-code of Diskeeper for review. Microsoft agreed, but later said they can't disclose the source-code.

    Later on, Microsoft released instructions (which included some registry-hacking) to remove Diskeeper from Windows 2000, which obviously was enough for the German government. That Diskeeper was reactivated after every Servicepack did not disturb anybody, obviously. I have not heard anything about Windows XP - only that Diskeeper is still in there, probably everybody has just lost interest.

    My personal opinion is that Microsoft probably does not have the source of Diskeeper themselves which would mean that not a single non-Scientologist has ever seen a line of code from Diskeeper.

    As a defragmentation program, Diskeeper has of course full access to all files on any Windows 2000 and Windows XP computer.

    Scientologie's stated goal is "clear world" which means the elimination of all non-Scientologists (either by conversion or by other means) on this planet.

    More information here:


    Posted anonymously for obvious reasons.

  • Re:What the hay? (Score:5, Interesting)

    by AnalogDiehard ( 199128 ) on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @08:04PM (#4323739)
    They also have deep pockets to finance squelching operations.

    And where do they get these deep pockets? Not just their members.

    Are you on Earthlink? Fact: that ISP was started (and is still operated) by Scientologists.

    They have a deep understanding of the power and reach of the legal system.

    Not only that, their members are encouraged to lie and deceive. They have used slander and libel against their critics and have blackmailed third parties into making false accusations on record.

  • by tobo ( 307569 ) on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @08:11PM (#4323777)
    This is a really funny parody of scientology. It's a fictional story on a scientology-type cult which is based on the ideas of Philip K. Dick, another science fiction writer.

    http://www.philipkdick.com/articles/newageprophe t. html

    Besides, IMHO Philip K. Dick is the best science fiction writer ever... Hubbard sucks!

  • by lermanet ( 567993 ) on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @08:36PM (#4323912) Homepage

    The wayback machine situation and the google debacle previously covered on slashdot is just the tip of the iceberg of deception called Scientology.

    The efforts to silence criticism cover the the complete gamut of the edges of what society will tolerate.

    Time Magazine 1991 [lermanet.com]
    Time Magazine was forced to spend 7.5 million defending this suit.
    The Judge in the case concluded that Scientology was a cult [lermanet.com].

    Don't wonder why there arn't more ex-members speaking out, Scientology has a pattern of conduct of litigation for silence. Look at how much they have spent GAGGING ex-members HERE. [lermanet.com] - Note well: This is just what I have been able to find out

    Scientology claimed in its own court filings to have spent 1,700,000 suing me in RTC vs Lerma. Judge Brinkema was so outraged buy their conduct in the case, the raid where the scientologists, themselves, searched my home, [lermanet.com]even when they moved the attorney fees for the for 5/17ths of case that they 'won' { having LOST their TRADE SECRET CLAIMS ) for the story of XENU and the BODY THETANS [lermanet.com].. Judge Brinkema Awarded them ZERO.

    Further Google, while running tons of adverts for scientology REFUSES to run mine

    Remember this - what we have webbed is only WHAT WE KNOW ABOUT for sure... I've been at this for 8 years trying to expose them [lermanet.com], and even for me, I keep finding out that things that are worse than even I think

    You have witnessed just the tip of the iceberg of the Scientology's pattern of conduct to try to intimidate witnesses into silence by extortionate conduct.

    Anything you can do to get the word out will be appreciated..


    Arnie Lerma
    An Ex-member
    PS: Send lawyers and money
  • by touretzky ( 215593 ) on Tuesday September 24, 2002 @08:47PM (#4323954) Homepage
    ARCHIVE.ORG has blocked my entire web site: all of www.cs.cmu.edu/~dst [cmu.edu]. My home page. My list of professional publications. My research project web pages. The Gallery of CSS Descramblers. Tutorial pages, Lisp book, everything I've written.

    I don't exist. I've never existed. I've been erased from Internet history.

    All because I dared to have some Scientology material on my web site.

    ARCHIVE.ORG boasts a relationship with the Lbrary of Congress and with the National Science Foundation. I wonder if they are receiving any government funding. Surely it is impermissible to do the bidding of an abusive cult, at the expense of honest citizens, while taking government money?

    -- Dave Touretzky
  • by lermanet ( 567993 ) on Wednesday September 25, 2002 @02:54AM (#4325688) Homepage

    The "CLAM" incident was based upon Hubbard "auditing" L ron Hubbard Jr., AKA NIBS HUBBARD, AKA Ron De Wolfe.

    When Scientology was kicked out of Wichita Kansas [lermanet.com], and Hubbard fled to Pheonix AZ ( He had to leave there in a Hurry too)His son drove non stop from Wichita to Pheonix, high on "bennies" (Amphetamines). Hubbard Sr. "audited" his son as soon as he arrived. Of course, the amphetamines during this long drive (There were NOT interstate highways then folks - 1951) made Nibs grit his teeth, and by the time he got to Pheonix, his jaws were pretty sore, from clenching them.....So Hubbard's Book :History of man", this book is based on Hubbard Auditing his own son after he'd been up for days whacked on speed!

    Scathing Newspaper Article "Son of Scientology" [lermanet.com] L Ron Hubbard's Son - Ron DeWolf denounces his own father as a fraud - Read this hard to find 1982 interview in the News Herald

    And For jollies, listen to this slam poetry by L href="http://www.mp3.com/stations/jamie_kennedy">R on Hubbard's Great Grand son Jamie Kennedy talk about "My mother still has a letter from Ron threatening to break my grandfather's legs"

    Having a nice day David Miscavige? (Kid who replaced "Ron") He used to be called the asthmatic dwarf

    Arnie Lerma [lermanet.com]
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday September 25, 2002 @07:54AM (#4326341)
    The difference is that you are comparing the deplorable actions of members of a religion to the written practices of a fringe group that calls itself a religion. It is possible to find members of all religions that have done something horrible.
  • by Just Some Guy ( 3352 ) <kirk+slashdot@strauser.com> on Wednesday September 25, 2002 @10:43AM (#4327282) Homepage Journal
    I didn't really expect to get modded +5 for something anti-CoS, or I probably would've posted as an AC.

    I live in a quiet cul-de-sac in a small town in Nebraska. This morning, a white late-model Buick Regal (or similar) with Nebraska license plates 7-A4163 pulled up to my neighbor's curb and started taking pictures of my house. The driver, a heavy middle-aged male wearing dark glasses, drove off when I stood up from the breakfast table to get a better look.

    Great - I really needed some extra grief in my life right now.
  • by kristiw ( 452955 ) on Wednesday September 25, 2002 @01:39PM (#4329023)
    At my Scientology Lies site, I document my correspondence [scientology-lies.com] with Google about ads for that site. Google's policy is not to run ads for sites that are critical of a person or organization, so it's impossible to advertise consumer information sites warning people about unethical or illegal practices by any organization, be it Scientology or McDonald's.

    When I pointed out that one of the sites Scientology advertised was bashing psychiatrists, though, they didn't feel that ran afoul of their policy.

    As for shenanigans, there's an excellent analysis [operatingthetan.com] of just how successful Scientology's attempts to spam search engines have been.

  • by Just Some Guy ( 3352 ) <kirk+slashdot@strauser.com> on Wednesday September 25, 2002 @02:48PM (#4329714) Homepage Journal
    For the record:

    • I do not smoke or use drugs, and I rarely drink (and never to excess).
    • I have not cheated on my wife, nor would I.
    • I have never abused my children in any way.
    • I am not in debt more than your average recent college graduate (i.e., I have student loans, a car payment, a mortgage, and a manageable credit card balance).
    • I enjoy life, wake up refreshed each morning, and have lots of friends. I would never commit suicide.

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