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Tracking Your Employees, Children 262

Mattygfunk writes "Hong Kong has launched what's believed to be Asia's first location-based service which enables companies to locate their employees via their mobile phones signals." And in a semi-related story, Son-of-a-Geek writes "The BBC is reporting on a new GPS device for kids from Wherify Wireless. With the new device parents can track junior or he can call for help by pushing a panic button. Available only in the US for one penny less than 400 dollars it is a pager as well."
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Tracking Your Employees, Children

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  • I get it... (Score:5, Funny)

    by Alpha42 ( 19695 ) on Thursday August 15, 2002 @09:31AM (#4076220) Homepage
    So for just 399.99, I can have a little electro-gizmo that will do the job that I, as a parent, should have been doing all along (Tracking where little Johnny is, and what mischief he's been into)..


    (Don't get me wrong, I'm all for electro-gizmos, but I also believe that parents should be responsible for just that... parenting.)
  • Well, you see, I was watching Johnny's dad fix his car, and he dropped the propane torch, and it went right by my arm. Luckily, the gizmo was there to protect my arm, but it got wrecked. Then, wouldn't you believe it? I tripped over a lug nut, and fell, and the gizmo, being weakened from the heat, got bent. So then we were playing baseball, see, and I got hit by a pitch, which broke it the rest of the way off!

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