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Big Brother's Pizza Delivery 82

Dusty Rhodes writes: "Lexis/Nexis, providers of massive database information services mostly to media, legal and law enforcement organizations, is hyping their new database service, BatchTrace, to track fugitives and deadbeats. In addition to cataloging common info such as census records, driver's license records, etc., this database includes pizza delivery records, tech support call records and grocery store discount card records. Who knew you'd need an alias to order a pizza? Pretty funny/sad stuff in the Land of the Free. What's next, a national pizza delivery ID, complete with thumbprint and DNA sample? Thanks to Britt Sandusky for pointing us to this story."
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Big Brother's Pizza Delivery

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  • by Deagol ( 323173 ) on Friday August 09, 2002 @12:02PM (#4039798) Homepage
    My local grocery (Albertsons) recently began pushing their Member cards. They get pushed hard at the checkout counter, and each time I kindly refuse. In fact, I use Albertsons over Smith's because the latter had higer prices but had the cards to make you think you were getting a deal. Now, they're nearly the same. I've tried to be up on the price changes at Albertson's. If the prices aren't increasing slowly, there sure is a psychological impression that they are.

    People give me an odd look when I tell them that I live a mostly cash-only lifestyle. Each paycheck I withdraw all but the small amount which goes on a credit card. No before you call me a hypocrite, I use the CC for transactions that are already recorded, no matter how I pay (savings bonds purchases, paying bills, etc.).

    However, I always use cash for gassing up the car, for normal retail purchases (food, hardware supplies, elecetronics/software, etc.). For mail order and some bills I use USPS money orders. At least with money orders, my bank doesn't know I paid $55 for last month's water bill even if the water company does. That's just one less piece of information some company can exploit.

    It's getting bad out there. I was alarmed when I bought a DVD player at Wal Mart and they entered the serial # into the register!

    It's revelations like this story that make me glad I tolerate the odd looks for my perceived "odd" behavior. Some day, one of you discount card users is gonna get a notice from your health insurance about a premium increase because they know that you buy a gallon of Rocky Road icecream every week. Trust me -- it will happen some day!

  • by Analog Penguin ( 550933 ) on Friday August 09, 2002 @01:57PM (#4040703)
    Yes, I have already posted this [] in another thread, but it's certainly applicable here as well.

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