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Commerce Department Cool to CBDTPA 179

L. J. Beauregard writes: "Wired reports that the Commerce Department is not too thrilled about S.2048. Commerce Secretary James Rogan claims that 'the DMCA carefully balances the interests of all stakeholders,' a claim that marks him for a corporate whore, but it seems that there are some things even whores won't do."
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Commerce Department Cool to CBDTPA

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  • Legislative Agenda (Score:5, Interesting)

    by MrBrklyn ( 4775 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @02:07AM (#3423608) Homepage Journal
    This is really not as bad news as it might seems, and it gives those of us main stream advocates a chance to expose just how radical the position of the MPAA is.

    What we need to do is capitilize on this opportunity and expose the radical enemies of the public for the political radicals that they are. In addition, the MPAA is showing us exactly how to take the steps necessary to defend our fourth amemndment rights under the US Constitution in regard to digital media and privately owned digital devices.

    NY Fairuse [] is willing, with the help of it's sister organization, NYLXS [], and with broad co-operation, it begin in Manhattan in May to gather together a broad coalition of IT Industry members, Librarians, Educators, Free Software Advocates, musicians, artisits, actors, and Internet Information Providers the Digital Property Protection Discussion Group.

    The purpose of forming this group is to draft and pass legislation which protects individuals 4th amendment rights with regard to their digital devices and media.

    The legislation to be drafted will accomplsih the following main stream objectives which all reasonable people can expect:

    All copyrights to individual scores, writings, and recordings will be returned to the original artist after a period of 10 years.

    No technology can be deployed which spies on, wiretaps or descloses privately owned information which is stored on digital devices by any government agency or private 3rd party without the issuance of a publically pronounced annd disclosed warrant l limited to a specific criminal investigation.

    All copyright cases must prove, prior to a judgement of guilt, proof that the actions in question did not infringe on Fair Use, and the individuals rights under the 4th and 1st ammendment of the Bill of rights US Constition.

    Ownership of all physical media and devices to read such media, is the sole property of the purchaser of the media, without an expressely negotiated and signed contract between both the copyright holder and the purchaser.

    No technological software or hardware method can be deployed in a digital product available for normal retail sale which inhibits in any way the full enjoyment of the property by the purchasers, regardless of any agreement between the designer of the hardware or software products. Such agreements are null, and not contractable.

    Copyright is an exception to Fair Use as it limited the ability for individuals to enjoy their private property and express themselves with the use of such copyrighted materials. Fair Use is a doctrin to be based on the 4th and 1st amendments of the Constitutions.

    Individuals have the right to express themselves to others about the means, mechanism and workings of all digital devices, including but not limited to discussion on how to make fair use of media, how to improve such devices, or to reverse engineer all such devices and the allgorithims which are used to help them display, copy or run media.

    We need to get as many big guns on this as possible and then relentlessly campaign, actively working to elect supporters and unelect opposition. In fact, we should look to defeat, not just the proposed spyware legistlation, but also defeat Senator Hollings

    WE CAN force him from office, because he's a radical.


  • by AntiNorm ( 155641 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @02:19AM (#3423639)
    Commerce Secretary James Rogan claims that 'the DMCA carefully balances the interests of all stakeholders,'

    Of course it carefully balances the interests of all stakeholders. Thing is, they don't see customers as stakeholders. An argument could be made that customers aren't stakeholders in this sense -- after all, they have no financial stake in whether most CBDTPA-protected works succeed or fail. Never mind the principles that are involved, it's all about money to corporations and to Congress.

    a claim that marks him for a corporate whore, but it seems that there are some things even whores won't do

    Like pay any attention to whether their customers care about what they're being exposed to? You could make some interesting comparisons here. The corporate whores are exposing their customers to CBDTPA; the rest of the analogy is left to the reader's imagination.
  • Re:Fascism? (Score:2, Interesting)

    by shepd ( 155729 ) <<moc.liamg> <ta> <gro.todhsals>> on Sunday April 28, 2002 @03:55AM (#3423841) Homepage Journal
    The original poster (before you) violated Godwin's law. If you want to continue the thread leave anything he said about Nazis out of it. That's just a red herring designed to piss everyone off.

    Now, ignoring all the BS about Hitler, I have a beef or two with what you've said:

    >While I don't disagree about the nature of the laws, I do question your assertion that they are violating the Constitution. Which part?

    I'm not totally up on American law, but I'm pretty certain that your constitution guarantees many freedoms (such as freedom of speech). If the CBDTPA is just an extension to the DMCA then it is anti free-speech. Isn't that your first amendment?

    >Social policy. Well, I'm a firm believer that there are plenty of charities out there, and the government doesn't need to be one of them.

    That certainly can be your opinion (and, fortunately for you and many others the majority disagrees with it), however you can't have it both ways.

    >You know, I've become unemployed in the past... I went back to school to make myself more qualified. The government is more than willing to loan almost anyone money to go to school.

    You can't have it both ways. You can't use the government acting as a charity (and handing out money for people to go to school without any guarantees they'll get it back is nothing more than a backhanded charity) and not want it being a charity.

    >I still haven't figured out where people like you get the idea that you should strongarm people like me into giving to beggars on the street like the one who sits at the stoplight a few blocks from here.

    Huh? Did he say for you to walk up to street beggars and give them money? You need a fixed residence to pick up a cheque from the gov't, so if there's anyone you should respect with your views, it would be a street beggar.

    Again, another contradiction in your ideas presents itself:

    >Then again, why do anything at all when the government is making the people who actually do the work pay your way through life?


    >Hey, why don't we make everyone equal by making a standard wage, no matter what kind of, or lack of work that they have? You know, $20/hour for everyone, both the college grads, and the people who dropped out in 9th grade.

    I am assuming you think the 9th grader has an easier life. Hate to break it to you but if he gets a job it will not be easy. People say all the time "Gas pumpers and golden arches flippers have it easy". Well, if so why not do their job?. I know why. Becuase the job sucks. Its physically demanding, or mentally annoying. Either way most everyone who graduates college is looking for the cushy, easy way out with a 9-5 desk job pushing paper.

    If you want, feel free to reply and clear up what you've just said. Maybe I'm reading you wrong?

    Perhaps you're just confused on the meaning of "fascism". It doesn't have anything to do with work, you know.


    "A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism"

    If you don't consider the president elect (I do consider him elected myself, but by a really thin thread) its easy to see how laws like the DMCA and CBDTPA causes socioeconomic controls (if you don't have the money, you can't participate in society), and suppression of opposition through censorship (DeCSS, anyone?). The other items (nationalism, racism, and terror) tend to be qualitative rather than quantitative, so these are the points that should be argued against the US being fascist. In my opinion the US is still far from it, but bills like this bring it closer and closer to the line.

    Wether or not a burger flipper has 10 or 20 babies doesn't really factor into the discussion.

    >I have to support some drug-addicted high school dropout who fucked his own life up, as if I'm the one who told him not to get a job.

    Where did that come from?
  • by Midnight Thunder ( 17205 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @07:50AM (#3424142) Homepage Journal
    If this sort of thing of thing was taken up by someone like the EFF and then if the fair use equivalent of the 'blue-ribbon' campaign was started, then it would show how people felt about things.

    This time though we should be producing 'stickers' , 't-shirts' and stuff that people can show and wear in the real world where it will get off-line people taking notice.

    Any ideas for a mascot or a logo?

  • by eyegor ( 148503 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @10:04AM (#3424388)
    Don't threaten doing a "Alec Balwin" and move away without fighting. At the risk of sounding like a rah-rah flag-waver, this is still the best country on the planet(although there might be an intelligent civilization elsewhere in the galaxy).

    Running away means you're taking yourself out of the fight (sheep-like behavior at best).

    The only way to beat these idiots and corporate whores is to become very vocal and present a well-reasoned arguement against these encroachments.

    If we act like immature jerks, we invalidate our own arguements and give the win to them.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 29, 2002 @11:41AM (#3429230)
    Delivery boys for the DMCA as bought and paid for by the MPAA and RIAA. You think it's no coincidence that Hollywood gives about 10 times as much money to Democrats than Republicans?

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