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Commerce Department Cool to CBDTPA 179

L. J. Beauregard writes: "Wired reports that the Commerce Department is not too thrilled about S.2048. Commerce Secretary James Rogan claims that 'the DMCA carefully balances the interests of all stakeholders,' a claim that marks him for a corporate whore, but it seems that there are some things even whores won't do."
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Commerce Department Cool to CBDTPA

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  • by Brightest Light ( 552357 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @02:08AM (#3423614) Journal

    "Before Congress rushes into the imposition of a legislative solution," Rogan said, "I hope its members will grant more time for the free market to find its own middle ground."

    Thank the gods for that. Its about time somebody stands up and says "Hold on a second, lets give business the chance to make their own decisions,
    before we step in and legislate for them." I hope that more of this sort of thing happens in the future. I sincerely hope that those in congress decide
    to heed Mr.Rogan's words, and their voing reflects it.

  • by I Want GNU! ( 556631 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @02:14AM (#3423625) Homepage
    the DMCA carefully balances the interests of all
    I think that's a type. It should be shareholders, as in shareholdings in the stock of Sen. Ernst Hollings, which is going rather cheaply these days. It carefully balances the interests of shareholders such as Disney with those of the RIAA and MPAA, who hold many shares in other political conglomerations.
  • by martissimo ( 515886 ) on Sunday April 28, 2002 @02:47AM (#3423716)
    i really wish i saw more of a positive angle from this statement, however this line makes me wonder

    In a speech last week, Rogan said that "negotiations are presently underway among hardware manufacturers and content owners to develop improved means for protecting online content," and legislators should wait for results before voting on a proposal such as the Hollings bill.

    sounds to me basically like he's saying "it's too soon to pass it", lets just warn the hardware people that they better do something soon, before we do pass it.

    1 more session of Congress without it being passed is a start, it gives us more time to rally more support, but this certainly doesn't look like the time to back off on applying pressure on the lawmakers

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