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Google vs. DMCA and Scientology 383

Uebergeek writes "This article at the NYTimes (free registration, blah blah) details how google is dealing with the many complaints it gets from organizations when one of its links potentially violates a copyright (or just irritates the copyright's owner). Specifically, it talks about how Google is dealing with the Scientologist's complaints about the list of the Operation Clambake site... now Google features a prominent link to another site that shows the complaint that the Scientologists filed, along with the delisted links."
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Google vs. DMCA and Scientology

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  • by DMCA ( 575172 ) on Monday April 22, 2002 @11:46AM (#3387595)
    DMCA sucks ass....plain and simple!

    I couldn't agree more.

  • by Loki_1929 ( 550940 ) on Monday April 22, 2002 @12:04PM (#3387706) Journal
    "I think if they want to get people's cooperation, then they should refute Operation Clambake's information in an orderly and intelligent manner. "

    What you fail to realize is that there's no information in the entire church which can be presented in an orderly, intelligent manner. They're claiming that we humans are Gods and that a cosmic warlord has fooled us all into thinking we're not. But we have a science fiction writer (Hubbard) to the rescue, as he's recently discovered the truth and is battling the evil warlord from his plush multi-million dollar mansion, while his followers learn to use their mystical powers.

    If you could, please show me how that can be presented in an orderly, intelligent manner. I would suggest a comic book for guidance, but I don't think you'll be able to make it work.

  • by KelsoLundeen ( 454249 ) on Monday April 22, 2002 @12:11PM (#3387746)
    Creepy people.

    Leaders who wear sunglasses.

    Guys who sit in big chairs.


  • by MongooseCN ( 139203 ) on Monday April 22, 2002 @12:21PM (#3387798) Homepage
    The notice includes a link to Scientology's complaint on chillingeffects.org, which lists the Web addresses of the material to which Google no longer links. The result is that a complaint could end up drawing more attention to the very pages it is trying to block.

    In related news the sales of bullet proof boots has skyrocketed dramatically...
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 22, 2002 @12:29PM (#3387836)

    Are you going to financially back a lawsuit if one is filed?

    THIS is what Google is attempting to avoid.

    On the other hand, if you do a Google search for Scientology, several Google ad-word ads show up, all from pro-Scientology sites. If enough Slashdot people clicked on those links, maybe Google could afford the legal fight. And maybe COS couldn't.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday April 22, 2002 @01:22PM (#3388226)
    The mormons have not, and most likely the ohters too. Back when churches did that was the way to control the masses with the kings being one with the high church leaders.

    Oh God. This is the true terror of Scientology, it makes people think that all the other cults in the world are myths.

    Listen up, vat-brain. Judaism is a cult where they cut off your dick. In Catholicism, they cut out your heart as well. In Protestantism, they leave the heart but excise the brain. What makes these things cults? Not the fact that they cut off your dick, but the fact that they make you believe it was a good idea.

    The list doesn't stop there. The International Socialist Organization campus group is a spineless but well-formed and very religious cult. The SEIU "union" is a malicious attack-dog of a cult. Nuclear families are cults because they treat children as property. Lucas and Disney are cults. Americanism is a cult. My last two jobs were cults. My school was a cult - $100,000 and the education SUCKED.

    You think Scientology is the only cult? Look around you. YOU ARE SURROUNDED BY DRONES.
  • by rabidcow ( 209019 ) on Monday April 22, 2002 @01:59PM (#3388495) Homepage
    Has anyone ever told you you're a particularly poor reverend?
  • by Odinson ( 4523 ) on Monday April 22, 2002 @04:21PM (#3389620) Homepage Journal
    "How long will the DMCA be used to trample freedom of speech, expression, and fair use, until Congress gets it into their thick skulls that this is BAD LEGISLATION, and repeals it?"

    This leads to another question.

    I don't know when corruption will be interupted long enough to adress fundemental differances in what property is valuable and it's effect on distribution of wealth, but I do know we aren't comming out of this recession until such an interuption occurs.

    This sixy year cyclical downturn will last as long as our government does not represent the people in it decisions.

    To put it another way (roughly)...

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    if(((Years-Democracy+RandomGlobalEconomyFact ors()) %60)<=0)
    while(corruption) Comment recession EndComment
    corruption=legislation(corruption+RandomSelflessPa triotLuck()); Comment stuck in recession EndComment
    Comment this is speculation, never been here EndComment

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