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Ashcroft, Ellison Win 'Big Brother' Privacy Awards 14

GuyMannDude writes "Reuters is reporting that Privacy International's 4th Annual US "Big Brother" Awards have been announced at the 12th Conference on Computers, Freedom and Privacy. Ashcroft won "Worst Government Official" and Ellison won "Worst Corporate Invader". Couldn't have happened to a pair of nicer guys."
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Ashcroft, Ellison Win 'Big Brother' Privacy Awards

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  • ...a golden statue depicting a jackboot pressing down on a human head.

    Gotta love it.
    • by nakaduct ( 43954 )
      ...a golden statue depicting a jackboot pressing down on a human head.

      It's a Doc Marten standing on a mummy's head. I thought it was some goth award at first.
    • "Most recipients fail to pick up the honor in person."

      I would not like to be the UPS guy who had to deliver these things to Oracle or the DOJ...

      UPS Guy: I need you to sign for this
      Receptionist: What is it, first
      UPS Guy: It says "Award enclosed" and "Fragile". That's all i know.
      Receptionist: We have to be security conscious around here, y'know.

      *opens box*
      *sees golden shrunken head*

      Receptionist: AIEEEEEEEE! There's no way we're signing for this... Send this &*()#&*()#%@&@^#(%) back to those mother&(#*&%)!!!!!!!!!!
  • Ashcroft (Score:2, Interesting)

    by djmitche ( 536135 )
    Has anyone noticed that many of Ashcroft's actions since he's risen to power are being challenged and defeated in the courts? A couple have even garnered harsh criticism of Ashcroft & co. from the presiding judge. Looks like they will appeal most of the cases all the way to the Supreme Court, and most are regarding constutional issues which the court will likely hear and rule on.

    I didn't hear his swearing in personally, but I'll bet part of his oath was to uphold the Constitution..

    How many cases will he have to lose on grounds that he acted unconstitutionally before someone takes action to remove him from office?

    • Re:Ashcroft (Score:2, Interesting)

      About as many as he can present until the 2004 election, I imagine. But unless Bush really botches the "war," he's probably a shoo-in to get elected. (Note, I said "elected," not "re-elected.")
    • what do you want when you hire somone who's states constituance would rather elect a dead man?

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