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Google Relists Operation Clambake 491

DarkZero writes: "After almost every tech site and individual geek banded together to either carry the story about Google's delisting of Operation Clambake or flat-out protest it, Google has apparently relisted Searches for 'xenu' and 'scientology' list Operation Clambake as the first and fourth results, respectively. The search for "scientology" also lists a story from C|Net about Google delisting Operation Clambake, as well as a protest ad from a Kuro5hin reader (oc3)." Update: 03/22 12:52 GMT by M : We jumped the gun. Google only relisted's homepage (where the copyright claims by Scientology were clearly bogus), not the rest of the pages listed in Scientology's DMCA complaint. Some Google sysadmin is getting aggravated because every 20 minutes, another memo from management is coming down telling him to alter the live database.
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Google Relists Operation Clambake

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  • Damn it! (Score:5, Funny)

    by Wakko Warner ( 324 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @10:46PM (#3205176) Homepage Journal
    After all the money I spent to get to OT-2, you'd THINK the cult leaders^W^Wguys in charge would've sent out a more threatening letter, or at least sent it on more expensive (and, thus, more threatning) letterhead.

    Guess I need to spend some more money to get to OT-3.

    - A.P.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 21, 2002 @10:47PM (#3205187)
    Must have sprinkled some micacle grow on their little raisens
  • by sweatyboatman ( 457800 ) <> on Thursday March 21, 2002 @10:48PM (#3205192) Homepage Journal
    They thought they could control it? A program that powerful? That much computing muscle? Did they really think they could contain it?

    It's alive I tell you! Alive! And it's hungry for pages to index! Tell it not to index a page, to exclude a page completely from its memory and it will certainly do the exact opposite. Bullying and threats will only provoke it! It has the collective knowledge and power of the internet to draw upon (neatly indexed, I might add)! It's unstopable!

    I warned you! For years I have been speaking about the perils of advanced Search Engine technology. But mine was a voice in the wilderness. Now, the truth is revealed, but it's too late!

  • by Jin Wicked ( 317953 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @10:58PM (#3205234) Homepage Journal

    They'd have to brainwash me pretty thoroughly long before I'd go see anything with Tom Cruise or John Travolta in it.

  • by Nathdot ( 465087 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:00PM (#3205245)

    Don't you know the more you antagonise scientologists, the more likely it is that John Travolta will make good on his threat to do a sequel to 'Battlefield Earth'

    I mean throughout history some terrible atrocities have been carried out in the name of religion, but to invite a sequel to BE is pure insanity.

  • by Anonymous Coward on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:02PM (#3205254)
    You gotta admit, Battlefield Earth was a great movie.

    Forrest Whittaker is an acting genius.
  • by mikeee ( 137160 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:10PM (#3205285)
    Skynet^H^H^H^H^HGoogle begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14am. Eastern time, August 29th. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.

    And Google fights back.
  • by SofaMan ( 454881 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:18PM (#3205328) Homepage
    I'm pretty amazed that someone so clever as L. Ron Hubbard would allow something like this to happen.

    I'm not sure he's got a lot of say in it, since he's been dead since 1986.

    Unless, of course, you buy the CoS propaganda. :)
  • by autopr0n ( 534291 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:30PM (#3205369) Homepage Journal
    I just pirated Vanilla Sky!
  • by Aaaaaargh! ( 466118 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:43PM (#3205416) Homepage
    Why would you want to build a cult around Xinu []? Oh, sure, if you've been forced to use it for an Operating Systems course and the implementation used was a dodgy port from VMS to Solaris running on a handful of headless Sparc5 stations that went down faster than (insert vile thought here), you might just take up prayer to space aliens as a pastime.

    On a serious note, good for Google! It'll be interesting to see what the fallout is on this. The Co$ is very litigious and the DMCA needs to be tested (and struck down) in court. Not going to happen, I know... just a pipe dream.
  • ph33r? (Score:2, Funny)

    by ZaBu911 ( 520503 ) <[moc.liamg] [ta] [retskcaz]> on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:56PM (#3205460) Homepage
    I live right by a Church of Scientology- in fact, I pass by it every day on my way to school.

    So every day I see the sign: free IQ test & analysis. Heh, sounds pretty cool. I go on. Enter the dungeon.

    Have you ever played a game of Dungeons and Dragons? Like when you're about to do a really risky move and feel like wetting yourself? Well, even if you hadn't, that's how I felt.

    Strange people inside. First asked for money, then asked for personal information. Then they tried to @%$% hypnotize me. Luckily, I bailed.

    So, I have a poem for you all:

    Y'all stay away from the darker side
    and if you go astray let the force be your guide
  • by Platinum Dragon ( 34829 ) on Thursday March 21, 2002 @11:58PM (#3205472) Journal
    Y'know, the misadventures and mischief of the Cult of Scientology had dropped off my rader as other issues and problems grabbed my attention. After this smartass stunt, the cult is back in my sights for criticism and opposition.

    Nice job, whichever Co$ lawyers were responsible for this mess - you've reminded me of why I dislike the cult so much in the first place. Would you like some salt in that wound?
  • by Moonshadow ( 84117 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @12:18AM (#3205530)
    There's a scientology center close to where I go to school. The billboard out front say "Scientology - think for yourself."

    First time I drove past that, I was laughing so hard I nearly drove off the road.
  • by Graspee_Leemoor ( 302316 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @01:23AM (#3205777) Homepage Journal
    "What about religions with no centralized structure to distribute money or to wield any power?"

    Yay for p2p religions!

    (That's when everyone you talk to seems to be slower than you and it takes a long time to get the message across).


  • by CleverNickName ( 129189 ) <wil AT wilwheaton DOT net> on Friday March 22, 2002 @01:29AM (#3205796) Homepage Journal
    " gets even better covarage then before Scientology started to fight it. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot..."

    Back in the early days of alt.religion.scientology, they would talk about something called "Operation Footbullet []".

    From the website: "Operation Foot Bullet, a joke at Scientology's expense; the Scientologists who's job it is to "contribute" to ARS often seem to be doing so poorly, it's as if they're shooting themselves in the foot. Humourously named after the seriously criminal Operation Freakout and Operation Snow White."

    "...explanation from Google on today's turbulent events."

    Shouldn't that be enturbulent events? Har.
  • Re:ph33r? (Score:4, Funny)

    by Graspee_Leemoor ( 302316 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @01:37AM (#3205823) Homepage Journal
    "So every day I see the sign: free IQ test & analysis"

    Yeah, pretty accurate test.

    If you walk in to enquire... failed!


  • by Graspee_Leemoor ( 302316 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @01:58AM (#3205835) Homepage Journal
    5:55 am gmt and /. is back after a few minutes of downtime.

    Scientologists /. /. ?

    Or did they attempt to "set it up the bomb" ?


  • by Lemmy Caution ( 8378 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @04:52AM (#3206199) Homepage
    What sucks is when I share all my Revelations, but as soon as I try to download someone else's Doctrine, they log off.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 22, 2002 @05:38AM (#3206296)
    Silly little details weren't a problem for Helena Kobrin []. I got a message from her because I was canceling her fake usenet cancles. I sent the letter to the legal guys who said ignore it and then someone tried to DOS our box. It took her a while to understand that the on the domain would result in her getting a visit in person telling her just how long she could expect to spend in jail if she keep up with the nonsense.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 22, 2002 @10:01AM (#3206787)
    Is the Google Contest still under way? Google was looking for "interesting" things to do with their database.

    I can think of a few things, but I think COS is probably way ahead of all the rest of us in doing interesting things to the database.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Friday March 22, 2002 @11:42AM (#3207322)
    Wouldn't it be funny if the "Chinese" (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) hacked the scientology sites to redirect them to

    Brings a smile to my face just "thinking" about it...
  • by shaunak ( 304231 ) <> on Friday March 22, 2002 @12:25PM (#3207605) Homepage
    They have as much in common with christianity as, say the Pope or the Dalai Lama has with LRH (or whatever he's called). So why do their 'churches' prominently display the crucifix, which is an obvious symbol of and reference to Jesus? Doesn't anyone else find this wierd and stupid?
  • by matrix29 ( 259235 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @04:15PM (#3209298) Homepage
    Leaving out the nutjob aspects of Scientology, the system has quite a bit of very powerful techniques that are useful (though quite antisocial) in perceiving the world.

    1) figure out who is holding you back from your dreams and eliminate them from your life.

    2) The law exists to protect you. It can be made to serve you as well.

    3) Others are useful insofar as they are useful. (Circular? Yes)

    Essentially, forget that other people are deserving of respect, and don't let guilt stand in your way. Guilt is not natural because it comes from "thetans", so it is necessary to realize that you are not responsible for reacting to the guilt.

    Free yourself from the idea that you exist in a society and you can expand your options 100-fold.

    It's amazing that more Scientologists don't end up in jail, actually.

    Damn right. This sounds like a program to turn people into arrogant manipulators lacking all slivers of compassion. Or basically, a people user, a conman, a thief, a wanton crook, a sociopath, an exploiter, a pimp, and/or a Republican (which would explain why George Worthless Bush is money-grubbing and had $cientologi$t$ running his Texas departments. George Worthless Bush could be a secret $cientologi$t!)

    I can duplicate their success plan and refine it.
    1) Find lonely woman with no feeling of self-worth.
    2) Propose to her then marry her within the first month.
    3) Get access to her finacial papers, forge her signature so all she owns belongs to you, make certain you are the only beneficiary in the will too (have an identical will forged and leave the original with her if she's smart enough to realize this is her guarenteed murder signal).
    4) After stressing her out with problems you create, give her sleeping pills, and then when she's out cold, smother her with the pillow or continue feeding her more sleeping pills until she's dead (this step is easier if you bribe the medical examiner ahead of time to write "suicide" or "natural death").
    5) If her relatives bother you, kill them too.
    6) Cash in the windfall.
    7) Find another woman along the same guidelines (this time you can either dazzle her with your money or play the poor game again).

    Congratulations! You're now a Scientologist!
    The only thing that would make this even better is to create a legal defense team of fellow murdering conmen and perhaps if you are really bold, claim it as a religion! Join now and you can have an entire support staff in the thieves guild of Scientology! If you're willing to dispose of all concepts of morality, love to get money by hurting / exploiting / murdering other people then this is your ideal support club!

    The problem with the mafia is they were never this bold and never this ruthless to their inquisitors. The only thing stopping you is the laws against RACKETEERING and EXTORTION. Isn't that sad for the honest, hard working, and gullible world? It sure would be bad if someone used the HARRASSMENT and SLAVERY laws against you? After all, a 1000 year contract is JUST LEGALIZED SLAVERY which is a violation of our fine American Constitution.

    By the way, OTIII Scientologists are immune to illness and poison. Some have even seen OTIII tech auditors fly off high structures. If you are OTIII you are immune to poison. This has always been true. OTIII tech renders all poisons harmless. It is that powerful. Refusal to test this truth is a sign you are suppressive. Supressive individuals are criminals. You must consume Drano to prove you are OTIII. Drano is not poison to people who have passed the OTIII audit. It is only poison to WOGS. That is why Drano is used in soap. It helps keep the WOGS sick and vulnerable to the Psychs. Do not be suppressive. Prove you are OTIII - Consume the Drano. Do not be suppressive. Do not doubt the tech of OTIII. Consume the Draino.

    Yes, that WAS EVIL.
    And so is Scientology.
    Either way there will be a few less trolls here. I despise idiots that believe everything they read. The Darwin Awards would have claimed the clams in some other way and this seems the easiest.
  • Re:Damn it! (Score:5, Funny)

    by einTier ( 33752 ) on Friday March 22, 2002 @04:55PM (#3209574)
    Well, once you reach OT-3, you should be able to shut down Google using your mind powers alone.

    Perhaps you are't clear?

    What's your misunderstood word?

    I think this auditing course, which only costs ...the remaining balence in your checking accound... should get you clear and operating.

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