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Kollar-Kotelly Rejects MS Bid For 4-Month Delay 11

kalamazoo904 writes: "Off the Boston Globe and CNN newswires: Everyone's favorite convicted monopoly asked for more time to make up tall tales, but good Judge Kollar-Kotelly would have none of it. Penalty phase proceeds March 11 as planned."
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Kollar-Kotelly Rejects MS Bid For 4-Month Delay

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  • by Masem ( 1171 ) on Monday January 07, 2002 @07:09PM (#2801221)
    One of MS's complaints and part of its request for more time was that several companies that are anti-Microsoft were being 'slow' in delivering documents to MS when they were requested; because it is in the best interests of those companies to play slow, MS wanted more time to get those docs. The decision to keep the trial going forward also includes stipulation that if these companies wish to testify during the penalty phase, they must cooperate fully with any requests for documentation from MS. Not only does this even the table for MS, giving them fewer reasons to cry for mistrial, but this also makes everyone else involved play fair. I'm sure companies like AOL and Sun would love to see more penalties on MS, but if those came about due to poor trial misconduct by others, then those penalties could easily be removed again by a higher court. At this point, the trial needs to move swiftly but with due process.

    Another note is that the judge has stated that she plans to address every point that the 9 dissenting states have presented as flaws in the current agreement, plus possibly any other flaws as described by the period of public comment. In other words, all those fears that those 9 states have aren't going to be simply swept under the carpet, but instead will focus scurtiny on the details of the agreement, and possibly remove some of the gapping escape holes that MS had in it.

  • What does this havce to do with YRO? Its not like a new CDA/DMCA/etc. has been passed. its just a development in the microsoft case. This is not something that affects OUR RIGHTS ONLINE.

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