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Microsoft Shuts Auction Doors On Old Windows 403

mrv writes "Microsoft is keeping a more-vigilant eye on online auctions of old copies of Windows software, with people trying to offload it due to the upcoming release of XP. Also within the story is info and tips for donating a computer (and software licenses) to charity. (Charities must have site licenses for Windows 98 or newer!)" A lot of users seem to think that they can sell off their no-longer-used software to subsidize upgrades, but that's just not what the EULAs say (at least with pre-installed MS software). Time to go re-read what sellers of used software have had to say last year, and the MS method of shutting own eBay auctions.
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Microsoft Shuts Auction Doors On Old Windows

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  • What if... (Score:5, Funny)

    by spectrum ( 92555 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @11:40AM (#2431090) Homepage
    I 'donate' windows to my friendly neighbourhood sanitation engineer?

  • by LMariachi ( 86077 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @11:51AM (#2431170) Journal
    Over a year ago, eBay began the VeRO program, which allows owners of intellectual property to notify eBay when they find an infringement of their property rights. The auctioneer will make "good faith effort" to close the sale, eBay spokesman Kevin Pursglove said.

    Besides Microsoft, among the other 2,000 VeRO members include Adobe, Warner Bros, Vanderbilt University and the Hard Rock Café.

    Hard Rock Cafe Intellectual Property?

  • Great Quote (Score:4, Funny)

    by Saint Aardvark ( 159009 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @11:53AM (#2431180) Homepage Journal
    From the article:

    "The preponderance of history is against them in this case, but light bends when it gets near Microsoft," said Kay.

  • by pubjames ( 468013 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @11:55AM (#2431196)

    We should all be thankful to Microsoft for tracking down these criminals. People like this are a menace to modern society. Microsoft employees have seen their stock options slide significantly in recent months, a cause of considerable stress for them. People who freely give away computers or sell for peanuts on auction sites - often without the proper licenses and documentation - these people are no better than thieves. Schools, charities for homeless people and orphanages are all implicated in this evil trade, which is causing some Microsoft employees to turn gray with worry. Well done Microsoft, you are a role model for us all.
  • by Svartalf ( 2997 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:18PM (#2431329) Homepage
    "When your product is close to indestructable (be it software or diamonds) you don't want a thriving second hand market."

    If that's the case, why's MS so keen to kill the second hand market- it's definitely NOT "indestructable"...
  • by pschmied ( 5648 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:22PM (#2431352) Homepage
    First, you purchase a copy of OS/2 Warp. Then you upgrade to 95 (Yes, OS/2 was a valid upgrade system). From there if you followed the upgrades you were legal.

    Or, then again you could do what I did:

    Pirate DOS+Win3.1 -->

    OS/2 v.3.0 -->

    Slak w/linux kernel v.1.2.13 -->


    What does the future hold? I advise everyone to upgrade to Plan 9 NOW! When Plan 10 or 11 come out, you are not going to want to be the last person on the block to have it.

    Seriously, you are not 31337 if more than 20 people use your OS.

    Actually, scrap that, your best bet is to port NetBSD to that wind-up Mickey Mouse watch you've had since you were a kid.


  • by Coward Anonymous ( 110649 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:22PM (#2431355)
    This is why you one should never sell MS software. Instead, one must share his copy with as many people as he can. Copy it for friends, copy it for relatives, let them all partake of your copy.
    It is untraceable, secure and a sweet feeling to boot.
  • by Anonymous Coward on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:30PM (#2431421)
    Haven't you heard? They stopped accepting toxic waste a long time ago :-)
  • by NecroPuppy ( 222648 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:32PM (#2431440) Homepage
    So, if I took my old copy of Windows 95, CD, book, licence and all, and sold them on E-Bay, not as a copy of Windows, but as a "CD ready for microwaving, and a book/licence ready for burning", that would be ok?

    Would it be even better if I put a disclaimer that it wasn't to be used for actual installation on a computer?
  • by Rothfuss ( 47480 ) <chris,rothfuss&gmail,com> on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:42PM (#2431523) Homepage
    If we are not allowed to sell an MS operating system (which I would never dream of doing because Eula says it's wrong...good old Eula) maybe we would all be better off just selling the old CDs as coasters...e.g.

    "For Sale: Genuine Windows 98SE DRINK COASTER. Not for use as operating system. CD only included. Rendered useless for data retrieval by placement in PROTECTIVE SLEEVE. Please do not remove coaster from protective sleeve. $10."

    Basically, it's just like everyone does with their AOL CDs, only this time don't glue felt on the back.

  • by ackthpt ( 218170 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @12:51PM (#2431533) Homepage Journal
    Let's see here...

    I see an advert for Dull Komputers, model 1000, includes Memorysuck Windows 99

    I buy computer, not having to sign anything.

    I power it up and run it for a couple years.

    I decide I've seen the Plaid Screen '0 The Banshee too many times and opt for an alternative O/S

    I wipe the hard drive, and install my other O/S

    I take the CDROM and shrinkwrapped license and put it up for sale on Peoples Soviet Stalinistic Auction Site

    I'm informed in a-not-so-polite way that my sale violates the terms and conditions of use for the license and software I have

    Seems to me that barking at Memorysuck, Inc. and the auction site are the end of the line, which began with Dull Komputers announcement that I was getting the O/S, as part of the product, the sold. I should be able to sell off any part, as I owned it, right? Power supply, monitor, disk drive... seems whatever came with it is a component and should have been clearly stated if it was not, i.e.

    You are granted use of the operating system and all software loaded upon this system so long as it remains installed only on this computer.

    Of course there's the slight problem of... I replace the HD, I replace the MB, I replace the case, I replace all the cards, hey, it's a completely different computer! I must be in violation, eh?

    Just my 3.5 cents (adjusted for inflation) and by the way IANAL.

  • by skoda ( 211470 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @01:23PM (#2431731) Homepage
    Now taking bids for this exquisite, brown cardboard box! This mildly used, but still fully functional, box will be shipped to the winner of this auction.

    As a special bonus, the winner of this box will receive Win98 OS for their PC, free!

    Bidding for the box starts at $10 + $5 shipping.
  • by pubjames ( 468013 ) on Monday October 15, 2001 @02:55PM (#2432254)

    Responding to recent events on Earth, Bill Gates, the creator of the omniscient Windows, used by billions of computer users worldwide, angrily clarified His license agreement today.

    "Look, I don't know, maybe I haven't made myself completely clear, so for the record, here it is again" said Bill, visibly angry.

    "Somehow, people keep getting the idea that I don't mind them giving away or reselling copies of Windows. Well, I do mind. And to be honest, I'm really getting sick and tired of it. Get it straight. Not only can you not copy or give away Windows, but you can't resell a copy bought from an OEM. I don't care if you're a school, a charity, or a damn orphanage, the rules apply to you."

    "I don't care how poor you are, or how much you need a copy of Windows. If someone tells you I don't mind you making a copy, they're wrong. Got it? I own it all, ok? It's all there in the license agreement. It all belongs to me. You mean nothing to me. You bunch of fucking loosers."

    And he sniggered.
  • by zmooc ( 33175 ) <zmooc&zmooc,net> on Monday October 15, 2001 @07:27PM (#2433789) Homepage
    If you're not stupid, you'd move to a country with real laws. .nl for example:)

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