What is that funny right-facing angle bracket next to the comment I'm reading?

This marks the current comment for the purpose of key-stroke discussion navigation. You can navigate the discussion with your WASD keys—no mouse required!

An ad is screwing up my browser!

We have rules meant to keep our advertisements sanely polite, but occasionally one slips by that breaks them. If you see a 500k banner, or one that is launching Java, say, please complain to feedback@slashdot.org.

What are Slashdot achievements?

The achievements system began as an April Fool's Day joke in 2009, but the system itself is real. You can view your own accomplishments (or others') by visiting slashdot.org/~${your_username}/achievements.

Can I direct readers of my own site to suggest it to Slashdot?

You can add a badge or link to your page (or for a blog, to your page template, to get one on every page) to easily allow your readers to submit it to Slashdot for consideration; and once submitted, take them to the discussion.

A Slashdot badge is an easy, powerful tool to do this. Add a badge to your page by including this snippet of HTML:

<script src="https://slashdot.org/slashdot-it.js" type="text/javascript">

Most of the trolls and useless stuff comes from "Anonymous Coward" posters. Why not eliminate anonymous posting?

We've thought about it. We think the ability to post anonymously is important, though. Sometimes people have important information they want to post, but wouldn't do so if they could be linked to it. Anonymous posting will continue for the foreseeable future.

I have found a bug on Slashdot; whom do I contact?

Please email feedback@slashdot.org with as much relevant detail as you can. (When? What browser, and what version, under what OS? Did you get an error message, and if so what was it? Screenshots are great, too. We appreciate it!)

This document doesn't answer my question!

Like most FAQs, this one usually needs pruning and watering. If you have a burning question, please send it to feedback@slashdot.org with "FAQ suggestion" in the subject line so we can consider including it.