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Google Joins the Open Invention Network Board 22

Posted by Unknown Lamer
from the except-regarding-android dept.
sfcrazy writes "Apart from being involved in open source through software, Google promotes the open source model through its various media channels and participation in open source events across the globe. One such initiative has been their affiliation with the Open Invention Network patent pool (OIN). 'Linux now powers nearly all the world's supercomputers, runs the International Space Station, and forms the core of Android. But as open source has proliferated, so have the threats against it, particularly using patents. That's why we're expanding our participation in Open Invention Network, becoming the organization's first new full board member since 2007."
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Google Joins the Open Invention Network Board

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  • by Anonymous Coward

    This new beta really sucks, and I appreciate that, as it has helped me get away from the computer. My reading on Slashdot has dropped enormously since the beta started, and now I have more time for other things. Thank you so much Slashdot!

    • by Anonymous Coward

      Hate the new layout. I suppose they could have added a "like" or a "hate" button. Probably not the end of /. but well on their way to Digg-ing their grave.

  • Google issues a patent on creating open source code and profits. But seriously, this isn't a huge surprise because google has been working with OIN since 2007 and who wouldn't want them on their board.

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