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US Court Says Motorola Can't Enforce Microsoft Injunction In Germany 175

Posted by timothy
from the was-meinst-du? dept.
First time accepted submitter Chris453 writes "A U.S. appeals court on Friday ruled that Google Inc's Motorola Mobility unit cannot enforce a patent injunction that it obtained against Microsoft Corp in Germany, diminishing Google's leverage in the ongoing smartphone patent wars. Motorola won an injunction against Microsoft in May using their H.264 patents. Apparently the U.S. federal justices in California have worldwide jurisdiction over all court cases — Who knew? Maybe that is why Apple keeps winning lawsuits..."
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US Court Says Motorola Can't Enforce Microsoft Injunction In Germany

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  • by Hentes (2461350) on Saturday September 29, 2012 @06:26AM (#41497769)

    Now you only only have to ban your other thousand companies from using software patents in Europe, and we will be very thankful.

  • by ReallyEvilCanine (991886) on Saturday September 29, 2012 @07:07AM (#41497847) Homepage
    The Appeals Court turned down the preliminary because the full case is still active in District. The German case will almost certainly influence the finding but the case is still on-going. Appeals Courts are for after a decision has been reached by the lower court.
  • by Jaytan (1163393)

    An injunction is a court order instructing a party to do or not do something. Injunctions are enforced via threat of more legal action. In this context:

    Microsoft sued Motorola Mobility / Google in the US in 2010 to enforce MM's licensing promise on a worldwide basis.
    Motorola Mobility / Google sued Microsoft in Germany eight months later.

    The German court granted an injunction in the German case to stop Microsoft from selling Xboxen and Windows in Germany while the court decides if Microsoft is violating Goog

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