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Aereo Wins Preliminary Injunction Hearing 65

Posted by samzenpus
from the stream-away dept.
bs0d3 writes "Aereo, a company that offers live broadcast TV via the internet to New York City residents, has won a preliminary injunction hearing. A federal judge has rejected a bid by major U.S. broadcasters to stop Aereo from rebroadcasting some of their programming over the Internet. District Judge Alison Nathan said that while the broadcasters have shown that they faced irreparable financial damage if the venture were allowed to continue, Aereo also showed it would face severe harm if the requested preliminary injunction were granted. The full injunction denial ruling can be found here."
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Aereo Wins Preliminary Injunction Hearing

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  • by killfixx (148785) * on Thursday July 12, 2012 @07:11AM (#40626735) Journal

    Why is it that the only way common sense can win, in court, is through some obscure technicality?

    Company X provides Service Y for free (with ads), but through an outdated or inconvenient method/medium. Company Z provides convenient access to Service Y, without changing the product, and Company X sues Company Z into oblivion.

    How was Company Z's product or service hurting Company X?


    Other than that, good luck to Aereo.

    As a side note, why don't more gadget manufacturers include tiny antennae in their products specifically for tuning in OTA TV?

    Is there some massive challenge that restricts this?

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