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Chrome Extension Adds Facebook, Twitter To Google+ 71

An anonymous reader submitted a story about Start G+, a really sweet Chrome plug-in that I've been using for several days to blend Facebook and Twitter into my Google+ Page. It's worth a look. It's a bit buggy, but if it lets you close a tab or two, it's worth it. FTA: "Computer programmer Zane Claes has created Start G+, a Google Chrome extension that adds useful features to the Google+ social network. It lets you easily import your photos from Facebook, as well as post to Facebook and Twitter within Google+. In short, it's designed to make the process of transitioning from Facebook to Google+ as smooth as possible."
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Chrome Extension Adds Facebook, Twitter To Google+

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  • How long before FB bans this extension, (assuming there is some way they can)? 5$ for less than one week.

    Assuming the extension is completely on the browser side and they can't identify it, how long before FB changes the API and style sheets to break the screen scraping? 5$ for less than one week.

  • Finally! (Score:4, Funny)

    by Narnie (1349029) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @08:01AM (#36810310)

    I'll have something to look at on Google+!

  • I give it 24 hours before Facebook does something to break it.
    • I'm not sure they can do that. If they have an API for (mobile) apps to integrate friends streams and such, I doubt they could specifically interrupt this (unless they use the lawyers to do so. Then again, Google has been for opening data where fb has been for shutting it up, so the best thing would be to do the same, and integrate G+ into your fb stream (but that would be accepting them as equals).
      • I am pretty sure that Facebook can disallow/block/ban access to individual apps. They'd have to if they were to have any sort of protection against abusive apps, of which there have been plenty.

  • That will be a good reason for me to update Chromium. Maybe. Or I'll just wait until someone make the same kind of thing for Firefox.
  • by Ngarrang (1023425) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @08:04AM (#36810372) Journal

    Just ignore anything from FaceBook and Twitter, and start anew. Treat G+ as a chance to wipe away the sins of the past.

    • It's the internet! Your sins will always be there!

      • by Ngarrang (1023425) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @08:24AM (#36810596) Journal

        It's the internet! Your sins will always be there!

        I will give you that, yes. But, G+ is chance to create all new sins!

      • by Nursie (632944)

        Not true!

        Earlier today I went looking for some stuff I read about 8 years ago. It was a site about an AIM chatbot called vixenlove, who had a very limited vocabulary, pretended to be a 16 year old girl and logged all chats straight to the website.

        It's gone. There are a couple of forum posts referring to it, and has the index page and nothing else. Unless there's some other magic internet recording service I don''t know about, something has disappeared!

        (I agree with the principle, you should trea

    • Until I succeed in transporting my friends, I will appreciate the integration.
  • by AngryNick (891056) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @08:09AM (#36810430) Homepage Journal
    ...still can't use Google+.
    • by JLennox (942693)

      Strange... I have no problems closing those tabs w/o this plugin!

    • by Solandri (704621)
      In case it isn't clear, OP means Google Apps for Domains, where you link up your domain with Google Apps so that e.g. instead of logging into, you login to and get the Gmail interface. For some reason it seems to be the red-headed stepchild at Google and is last to get all the cool new features they release to the general public. When I first got my android phone, I couldn't even use the gmail app to login to my Apps for Domains gmail account.
      • There's actually a way you can link your gmail account to your Google Apps account - you still won't get the option to go to Plus from your domain e-mail hub, but you also won't get those annoying "This account is not authorized" type notes when you want to do something in plus, but have been checking your domain mail.

        1. First, log into G+ or Gmail with your gmail login.
        2. In the settings menu (gear icon, upper right), go to Google+ settings
        3. Click on the menu item for Account Overview
        4. For me, they chang

  • Thank you very much.

    • by Jawnn (445279)
      Hey! Some of us don't have real lives and must substitute interacting with this or that social networking tool for real social interaction, ...and thus believe this is "stuff that matters", you insensitive clod.
  • by mathfeel (937008) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @08:18AM (#36810536)
    since it's been acting like an jealous ex ever since G+ showed up...
    • by Ngarrang (1023425)

      since it's been acting like an jealous ex ever since G+ showed up...

      And so they should. I mean, when someone is a valid thread to your dominant position, the SOP is do everything in your power to protect your position, thus insuring that you remain in power. It's worked for so many companies! /sarcasm

    • by whoop (194)

      Sure, as Mohamed Mansour [] has seen. He made a Facebook friend importer for Google Plus, which was quickly shutdown by Facebook. That post gives a great overview of how Facebook is scrambling to keep their data!

  • With the intrenet, I havemany frenids. They likje meandI like them. We like eachother, andwe areon face book. The placewherecool peopleareon hte intrenet. Awesome.

  • by corvax (941506) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @08:27AM (#36810624)
    There are a few G+ extensions that work with Chrome and Firefox but none that handled both facebook and twitter that works in this manner. It will help those who have slow or stagnant feeds stem the tide while G+ reaches critical mass. Google should allow facebook and twitter users to be added to circles (twitter) (facebook) and have the features of this plugin baked right in. That way when you post from G+ to facebook or twitter users will see an abbreviated post...... and be redirected to G+ to read the rest instead of being allowed to remain in Facebook and twitter to Read the posts. Once enough users are posting this way they will be compelled to switch to G+ because they have to go there anyway to read most posts.
    • That would be nice, unfortunately FB has already shown they will break/ban anything that G+ does to integrate.
  • ...even when I'm not using the application. No thanks. I'm not paranoid, but I see no reason for this application to have access to my information when I'm not logged in.
  • []

    Shrinks things down to a singe line, similar to google reader. My friend just turned me on to this to the other day.

  • by 2names (531755)
    [thumbs up]
  • Facebook "security update" breaks Chrome extension

  • So what's the best way to transfer contacts now that FB killed the initial plugin?

    • by novium (1680776)

      Someone suggested connecting facebook to a yahoo account. Yahoo pulls all the contacts. You can then connect google+ to that yahoo account, and it'll pull in all of those contacts.

    • Sign up for a Yahoo! email account. You can import FB contacts natively through Yahoo. Then import your Yahoo contacts from your Gmail accounts.
      • by dingen (958134)
        I guess when Facebook and Google already know who your friends are, there isn't much harm in sharing your private info with Yahoo! as well.
  • I just tried to import my photos from FB to G+ and got a message from startgoogleplus saying, "Facebook isn't responding to requests from". Looks like they put the kibosh on it in near record time.
  • by Shemmie (909181) on Tuesday July 19, 2011 @11:14AM (#36812764)
    I went to Account > Account Settings on Facebook, and went with Download Your Information.

    I've now got a zip file that includes a Photos folder, with sub-folders for all my albums, and all my photos.

    I'll now use Picasa to upload them to Google+.

    Am I missing something in this being tricky?
    • Well, the downloading and uploading doubles the amount of bandwidth you end up using. If there's a way to transfer them straight from one site to the other, that's a more elegant solution. (Not that your way wouldn't work, too.)
  • I would just like to have a hotkey to disable/enable Javascript on the fly.

  • With Google+ growing so quickly, why has Diaspora seemingly stalled after like 2 years of development?

  • Looking forward to trying the plugin.

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