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NSA Reveals Some Tempest Information 5

Posted by michael
from the tin-foil dept.
a2800276 writes: "The NSA has released some documents about Tempest in response to a FOIA request. They can be found over at Cryptome. Some are really old (dating between '75 and '95) and heavily redacted but interesting nontheless."
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NSA Reveals Some Tempest Information

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  • A nuke explosion at high altitude achieve this easily without the difficulty to conceal such device in ennemy field...
    The eletromagnetic pulse thus cretaed would burn almost all non shielded (military says 'hardenned'?) electronic devices...
    (This means cars,computers,VCR...)
  • Hmm... SQUIDs, maybe?

    - B

  • I love the lines:

    The term "compromising emanations" rather than "radiation" is used because the compromising signals can, and do, exist in several forms such as magnetic and/or electric field radiation, line conduction, (signal and power), xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, or acoustic emissions.
    and analogous occurences throughout the document, where discussion of one compromising emanation is redacted.

    Now the question is: Why is one of the entries struck out? What sort of emanations does the NSA deal in, simple knowledge of whose existence (or of the NSA's control efforts thereof) would give the black hats a leg up? Assuming the listing entries are mutually exclusive, then it's neither electromagnetic nor acoustic.

    Can they sense non-acoustic vibrations with ultra-sensitive earthquake detectors? Heat? (Naah---that's E-M.) Neutrinos? Belly-button lint litter?

    Offhand, sounds like ESP to me. Anyone have other ideas?

  • This [cryptome.org] one is especially interesting. Finally, I have plans for protective headgear that the spooks can't penetrate.
  • Spyking.com [spyking.com] has some interesting information on how to build your own TEMPEST Interceptor. [spyking.com] I haven't tried it so I don't know if it works or not. Has anyone tried building one of these?
    You can also find more information about TEMPEST in an article [spyking.com] at Spyking.com

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