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Friday June 15, 2018 @03:18PM We're All Getting Dumber, Says Science
Friday June 15, 2018 @10:29AM University of Chicago To Stop Requiring ACT and SAT Scores For Prospective Undergraduates
Thursday June 07, 2018 @05:42PM French School Students To Be Banned From Using Mobile Phones
Friday June 01, 2018 @09:16PM MIT Issued Blockchain Diplomas, But Doesn't Know If Employers Actually Use Them
Thursday May 31, 2018 @09:26PM DeepMind Used YouTube Videos To Train Game-Beating Atari Bot
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @08:49PM Face Recognition Is Now Being Used In Schools
Wednesday May 30, 2018 @02:01PM Walmart Offers To Foot College Tuition Bills for US Employees
Tuesday May 29, 2018 @04:23PM Why Thousands of AI Researchers Are Boycotting the New Nature Journal
Monday May 28, 2018 @11:28AM Is Crowdsourcing Database of US K-12 Schools That Teach, Or Don't Teach CS
Sunday May 27, 2018 @09:56PM High School in China Installs Facial Recognition Cameras To Monitor Students' Attentiveness
Thursday May 17, 2018 @06:18PM Scottish Students Used Spellchecker Glitch To Cheat In Literacy Test
Thursday May 17, 2018 @11:16AM Why Are the NBA's Best Players Getting Better Younger? YouTube
Saturday May 12, 2018 @02:33PM H-1B Visa Alternative 'OPT' Grew 400 Percent In Eight Years, Report Finds
Friday May 11, 2018 @10:58PM Carnegie Mellon Launches Undergraduate Degree In AI
Tuesday May 08, 2018 @01:04AM Are Two Spaces After a Period Better Than One?
Monday May 07, 2018 @05:14PM Ask Slashdot: Do Citizen Science Platforms Exist?
Friday May 04, 2018 @09:40PM Canada Facing 'Brain Drain' As Young Tech Talent Leaves For Silicon Valley
Wednesday May 02, 2018 @05:14PM Ask Slashdot: What Should I Study?
Tuesday May 01, 2018 @05:06PM Some YouTube Stars Are Being Paid To Sell Academic Cheating
Monday April 30, 2018 @07:19PM The Smithsonian's New Tour Guide Is a Robot
Sunday April 29, 2018 @11:57AM Wages Aren't the Only Reason Teachers Are Striking
Friday April 27, 2018 @11:08PM Bill Gates: U.S. Education Harder to Improve Than Infant Mortality Rates
Thursday April 26, 2018 @01:13PM High-Paying Trade Jobs Sit Empty, While High School Grads Line Up For University
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @10:35PM A Well-Known Expert On Student Loans Is Not Real
Wednesday April 25, 2018 @06:23PM Kazakhstan Is Changing Its Alphabet From Cyrillic To Latin-Based Style Favored By the West
Wednesday April 18, 2018 @03:46PM 100 Top Colleges Vow To Enroll More Low-Income Students
Tuesday April 17, 2018 @12:39PM One Laptop Per Child's $100 Laptop Was Going To Change the World -- Then it All Went Wrong
Monday April 16, 2018 @12:54PM Former Senior VP of Apple Tony Fadell Says Company Needs To Tackle Smartphone Addiction
Saturday April 07, 2018 @08:24PM Berkeley Offers Its Data Science Course Online For Free
Wednesday April 04, 2018 @06:49PM Microsoft Touts Breakthrough In Making Chatbots More Conversational
Tuesday April 03, 2018 @07:21PM Schools Won't Like How Difficult the New iPad Is To Repair
Tuesday April 03, 2018 @01:20PM Schools Are Giving Up on Smartphone Bans
Monday April 02, 2018 @12:51PM Google is Equipping More Rural School Buses With Wi-Fi and Chromebooks
Saturday March 31, 2018 @02:57PM 'Nature' Explores Why So Many Postgrads Have Bad Mental Health
Friday March 30, 2018 @09:41AM Poor Grades Tied To Class Times That Don't Match Our Biological Clocks
Wednesday March 28, 2018 @05:10PM Apple Trains Chicago Teachers To Put Coding In More Classrooms
Tuesday March 27, 2018 @01:22PM Apple Announces New $299 iPad With Pencil Support For Schools
Friday March 23, 2018 @06:52PM Apple To Unveil a Cheaper iPad Next Week At Its Educational Event
Tuesday March 20, 2018 @10:30PM Chinese Companies Are Buying Up Cash-Strapped US Colleges
Sunday March 18, 2018 @03:54AM Say Goodbye To the Information Age: It's All About Reputation Now
Sunday March 18, 2018 @03:19AM Ghana's Windows Blackboard Teacher And His Students Have a Rewarding Outcome
Monday March 12, 2018 @03:59PM University of Arizona Tracks Student ID Card Swipes To Detect Who Might Drop Out
Tuesday February 27, 2018 @11:45AM Celebrates 5th Anniversary, Success In Changing K-12 Education Policy
Monday February 26, 2018 @11:57PM Children Struggle To Hold Pencils Due To Too Much Tech, Doctors Say
Sunday February 25, 2018 @02:33AM Tesla Deploys Over 300 Powerwalls To Give Hawaiian School Kids AC
Saturday February 24, 2018 @06:20PM Ask Slashdot: How Would You Teach 'Best Practices' For Programmers?
Friday February 23, 2018 @05:30PM The College Board Pushes To Make Computer Science a High School Graduation Requirement
Tuesday February 20, 2018 @06:46PM Barbie Will Be Used To Teach Kids To Code
Saturday February 17, 2018 @05:47AM Learning To Program Is Getting Harder
Tuesday February 13, 2018 @10:05AM In the Wake of Fake News, Several Universities Including MIT and Harvard Introduce New Course On Ethics and Regulation of AI
Monday February 12, 2018 @03:22PM Unknown Language Discovered in Malaysia
Sunday February 11, 2018 @06:26PM Cryptocurrency Classes Are Coming To Campus
Sunday February 11, 2018 @04:40PM Where Old, Unreadable Documents Go to Be Understood
Saturday February 10, 2018 @05:14PM Why Hiring the 'Best' People Produces the Least Creative Results
Monday February 05, 2018 @01:00AM Former Google/Facebook/Mozilla Employees Will Fight Addictive Technologies
Sunday February 04, 2018 @01:25AM Gates On a Plane: Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment Stars Bill Gates
Friday February 02, 2018 @03:49PM YouTube Will Put Disclaimers On State-Funded Broadcasts To Fight Propaganda
Thursday February 01, 2018 @04:44PM This Chinese Math Problem Has No Answer. Perhaps, It Has a Lot of Them.
Wednesday January 31, 2018 @10:26AM High School Computer Science: Look Ma, No Textbooks!
Wednesday January 24, 2018 @06:28PM How a PhD Student Unlocked 1 Bitcoin Hidden In DNA
Monday January 22, 2018 @12:11PM Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S Laptops Starting at $189 and New Office 365 Tools for Students
Friday January 19, 2018 @03:22PM Tim Cook: 'I Don't Want My Nephew on a Social Network'
Saturday January 13, 2018 @12:34PM The House's Tax Bill Levies a Tax On Graduate Student Tuition Waivers
Saturday January 13, 2018 @12:48AM Interviewing the Interviewer
Thursday January 11, 2018 @10:38AM More Colleges Than Ever Have Test-Optional Admissions Policies
Monday January 01, 2018 @09:23AM Efforts Grow To Help Students Evaluate What They See Online
Wednesday December 27, 2017 @02:00PM The Last Man on Earth To Speak His Language
Sunday December 24, 2017 @02:37PM How Harvard Teaches CS Students How To Code
Wednesday December 13, 2017 @03:56PM Universities Spend Millions on Accessing Results of Publicly Funded Research
Monday December 11, 2017 @08:20PM France To Ban Mobile Phones In Schools
Saturday December 09, 2017 @03:10AM Google Glitch Took Thousands of Chromebooks Offline
Monday December 04, 2017 @03:15PM To Solve the Diversity Drought in Software Engineering, Look to Community Colleges
Monday December 04, 2017 @02:42AM Silicon Valley Billionaires Award $22 Million in 'Breakthrough Prizes'
Sunday December 03, 2017 @05:49PM Should Teachers Get $100 For Steering Kids To Google's 'Hour of Code' Lesson?
Sunday December 03, 2017 @12:19AM Massive Financial Aid Data Breach Proves Stanford Lied For Years To MBAs
Wednesday November 29, 2017 @07:44PM Physicists Made An Unprecedented 53 Qubit Quantum Simulator
Monday November 27, 2017 @04:19PM Computer Science GCSE in Disarray After Tasks Leaked Online
Saturday November 25, 2017 @12:14AM Why Do Employers Require College Degrees That Aren't Necessary?
Friday November 24, 2017 @11:25AM More Young People Are Becoming Farmers
Wednesday November 22, 2017 @02:35PM 'The Death of the MBA'
Saturday November 18, 2017 @05:23PM Microsoft Debuts Minecraft-Themed Coding Tutorial
Thursday November 16, 2017 @09:05PM Stanford Trains AI To Diagnose Pneumonia Better Than a Radiologist In Just Two Months
Thursday November 16, 2017 @10:05AM Foreign Students Have Begun To Shun the United States
Wednesday November 15, 2017 @10:56AM Is American English Going To Take Over British English Completely?
Monday November 13, 2017 @08:15PM Digital Technology Can Help Reinvent Basic Education In Africa
Saturday November 11, 2017 @06:07PM Magazine For Museums Publishes Its 2040 Issue -- 23 Years Early
Wednesday November 08, 2017 @07:25AM Google Wants Google Doodles Taught In Public School, Warns Kids They Best Behave
Monday November 06, 2017 @07:11PM US Court Grants ISPs and Search Engine Blockade of Sci-Hub
Monday November 06, 2017 @04:41PM 'Something Is Wrong On the Internet'
Monday November 06, 2017 @07:33AM The Disappearing American Grad Student
Thursday November 02, 2017 @08:17PM Malware Developer Who Used Spam Botnet To Pay For College Gets No Prison Time
Thursday November 02, 2017 @06:04PM Eric Schmidt and Bob Work: Our AI 'Sputnik Moment' Is Now
Wednesday November 01, 2017 @09:08AM 'We Can't Compete': Universities Are Losing Their Best AI Scientists
Tuesday October 31, 2017 @02:10AM 'Daylight Savings' Is Grammatically Incorrect
Thursday October 26, 2017 @03:58PM Many Junior Scientists Need To Take a Hard Look at Their Job Prospects
Tuesday October 24, 2017 @12:40PM 42% of Americans Under 8 Have Their Own Tablet
Monday October 23, 2017 @05:42PM Stephen Hawking's Thesis Crashes Cambridge Site After It's Posted Online
Sunday October 22, 2017 @06:46PM Bill Gates Tries A(nother) Billion-Dollar Plan To Reform Education
Saturday October 21, 2017 @01:51AM Code Bootcamp Fined $375K Over Employment Claims and Licensing Issues
Friday October 20, 2017 @04:07PM Arkansas Will Pay Up To $1,000 Cash To Kids Who Pass AP Computer Science A Exam
Friday October 20, 2017 @02:01PM Student Expelled After Using Hardware Keylogger to Hack School, Change Grades
Thursday October 19, 2017 @07:11PM Could VR Field Trips Replace the Real Thing?
Wednesday October 18, 2017 @03:53PM DeepMind's Go-Playing AI Doesn't Need Human Help To Beat Us Anymore
Saturday October 14, 2017 @05:30PM China's Scientists Set New International Record -- For Faked Peer Reviews
Friday October 13, 2017 @05:19PM Steve Wozniak Announces Tech Education Platform 'Woz U'
Friday October 13, 2017 @03:15PM Woz Wants To Retrain You For a Career in Tech
Thursday October 12, 2017 @03:11PM 'Maybe Wikipedia Readers Shouldn't Need Science Degrees To Digest Articles About Basic Topics'
Thursday October 12, 2017 @03:03PM Google Announces $1 Billion Job Training and Education Program
Thursday October 12, 2017 @02:34PM Learn To Code, It's More Important Than English as a Second Language, Says Apple CEO
Friday October 06, 2017 @08:36PM Publishers Take ResearchGate To Court, Seek Removal of Millions of Papers
Sunday September 24, 2017 @07:27PM Chicago School Official: US IT Jobs Offshored Because 'We Weren't Making Our Own' Coders
Saturday September 23, 2017 @01:52PM Saudi Arabian Textbook Shows Yoda Joining The UN
Wednesday September 20, 2017 @04:48PM Computer Science Degrees Aren't Returning On Investment For Coders, Research Finds
Sunday September 17, 2017 @06:48PM Kids Praised for Being Smart are More Likely to Cheat
Saturday September 16, 2017 @02:34PM 2017 'Ig Nobel' Prizes Recognize Funny Research On Cats, Crocodiles, and Cheese
Tuesday September 12, 2017 @02:38PM A New Way to Learn Economics
Sunday September 10, 2017 @09:41PM The Washington Post Pans Apple-Sponsored School Reform TV Special
Thursday September 07, 2017 @07:16PM IBM To Invest $240 Million To Develop AI Research Lab With MIT
Thursday September 07, 2017 @06:08PM Following Cheating Scandals, Harvard Dean of Undergrad Ed Visits CS50 Class and Tells Students Not To Cheat
Tuesday September 05, 2017 @05:16PM Sci-Hub Faces $4.8 Million Piracy Damages and ISP Blocking
Monday September 04, 2017 @01:08PM Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues
Saturday September 02, 2017 @09:42PM Google Conducted Hollywood 'Interventions' To Change Look of Computer Scientists
Friday September 01, 2017 @08:20PM Do Code Bootcamps Work?
Monday August 28, 2017 @10:31PM Lost Turing Letters Give Unique Insight Into His Academic Life Prior To Death
Friday August 25, 2017 @06:02PM Ancient Tablet Reveals Babylonians Discovered Trigonometry
Monday August 21, 2017 @03:59PM Does the World Need Polymaths?
Sunday August 20, 2017 @07:48PM Ask Slashdot: How Can You Teach Programming To Schoolchildren?
Sunday August 20, 2017 @02:03AM After 15 Years, Maine's Laptops-in-Schools Initiative Fails To Raise Test Scores
Thursday August 17, 2017 @02:20PM Chatbot Helps Students Choose Courses
Sunday August 06, 2017 @05:49PM High School Students Compete In 'Microsoft Office Championship'
Friday August 04, 2017 @05:16PM Vermont Medical School Says Goodbye To Lectures
Friday July 28, 2017 @03:26PM Top Established and Emerging Tech Companies Prefer To Hire Highly Educated Candidates, Not Dropouts
Friday July 28, 2017 @01:07PM India is Betting On Compulsory Internships To Improve Its Unemployable Engineers
Thursday July 27, 2017 @04:40PM Subscription Journals Are Doomed Because of Sci-Hub's Big Cache of Pirated Papers, Suggests Data Analyst
Wednesday July 26, 2017 @03:57PM Scientists Propose To Raise the Standards For Statistical Significance In Research Studies
Tuesday July 25, 2017 @05:45PM US Defense Budget May Help Fund 'Hacking For Defense' Classes At Universities
Saturday July 22, 2017 @08:54PM College Students Are Flocking To Computer Science Majors
Thursday July 20, 2017 @05:33PM Coding School 'The Iron Yard' Announces Closure of All 15 Campuses
Monday July 17, 2017 @06:46PM $12 Billion In Private Student Loan Debt May Be Wiped Away By Missing Paperwork
Sunday July 16, 2017 @07:52PM New Interactive Basic Electronics Textbook Launched Online
Friday July 14, 2017 @08:37PM In America, Most Republicans Think Colleges Are Bad for the Country
Thursday July 13, 2017 @02:44PM Early 'Coding School' Dev Bootcamp Is Shutting Down
Wednesday July 12, 2017 @04:35PM Ask Slashdot: How Do You Read Code?
Tuesday July 11, 2017 @07:05PM Students Are Better Off Without a Laptop In the Classroom
Thursday July 06, 2017 @10:42AM 'In the Knowledge Economy, We Need a Netflix of Education'
Wednesday July 05, 2017 @04:40PM Chicago To Make Future Plans a Graduation Requirement
Tuesday July 04, 2017 @09:54PM Sci-Hub 'Pirate Bay For Scientists' Sued by American Chemical Society Over Cloned Site
Monday July 03, 2017 @04:11PM Now Any Florida Resident Can Challenge What Is Taught In Public Florida Schools
Monday July 03, 2017 @04:04PM PBS Bets $3 Million That Monkeys Are Better CS Preschool Teachers Than Rabbits
Friday June 30, 2017 @09:36AM You're Thinking About the Dictionary All Wrong, Lexicographers Say
Wednesday June 28, 2017 @07:53PM How Silicon Valley Pushed Coding Into American Classrooms
Monday June 26, 2017 @02:23PM The Mere Presence of Your Smartphone Reduces Brain Power, Study Shows
Sunday June 25, 2017 @06:29PM Why So Many Top Hackers Come From Russia
Friday June 23, 2017 @08:40PM Sci-Hub Ordered To Pay $15 Million In Piracy Damages
Thursday June 22, 2017 @11:11AM University of Missouri To Use Open Source And Other Cheaper Alternatives For General Education Textbook
Wednesday June 21, 2017 @04:39PM South Korea Signs On To Build Full-Scale Hyperloop System
Monday June 19, 2017 @01:20PM Intel Quietly Discontinues Galileo, Joule, and Edison Development Boards
Sunday June 18, 2017 @05:37PM Physicists Discover A Possible Break In the Standard Model of Physics
Sunday June 18, 2017 @05:18PM How Can Businesses Close 'The Cybersecurity Gap'?
Friday June 16, 2017 @10:45AM Mathematical Biology Is Our Secret Weapon In the Fight Against Disease
Wednesday June 14, 2017 @10:54AM Ask Slashdot: Your Favorite Subscription Services?
Monday June 12, 2017 @04:25PM Wisconsin Speech Bill Might Allow Students To Challenge Science Professors
Friday June 09, 2017 @03:54PM Ask Slashdot: What Types of Jobs Are Opening Up In the New Field of AI?
Wednesday June 07, 2017 @01:47PM Ask Slashdot: What Are Some Books You Wish You Had Read Earlier?
Tuesday June 06, 2017 @01:56PM Many Colleges Fail to Improve Critical-Thinking Skills: WSJ
Monday June 05, 2017 @12:37PM Harvard Pulls Student Offers Over Online Comments
Wednesday May 31, 2017 @02:41PM Ethiopia Turns Off Internet Nationwide as Students Sit Exams
Tuesday May 30, 2017 @11:51AM As Computer Coding Classes Swell, So Does Cheating
Sunday May 28, 2017 @11:31AM Seven Science Journals Have A Dog On Their Editorial Board
Thursday May 25, 2017 @05:00PM Chinese Company Offers Free Training For US Coal Miners To Become Wind Farmers
Thursday May 25, 2017 @02:58PM It's Time For Academics To Take Back Control Of Research Journals
Wednesday May 24, 2017 @04:06PM Airbnb Is Running Its Own Internal University To Teach Data Science
Tuesday May 23, 2017 @05:36PM Researchers Find Dozens of Genes Associated With Measures of Intelligence
Thursday May 18, 2017 @03:53PM Elsevier Wants $15 Million In 'Piracy' Damages From Sci-Hub and Libgen
Monday May 15, 2017 @01:44PM 'U Can't Talk to Ur Professor Like This'
Monday May 15, 2017 @09:12AM The Reign of the $100 Graphing Calculator Required By Every US Math Class Is Finally Ending
Monday May 15, 2017 @07:57AM Google Owns the Classroom
Monday May 15, 2017 @02:37AM Open Source Educators 'OpenHatch' Close, Leaving Void For Campus Events
Thursday May 11, 2017 @06:21PM Why Doesn't Harvard Want To Talk About Its Mystery Microsoft Azure Project?
Thursday May 11, 2017 @03:46PM 'The Traditional Lecture Is Dead'
Saturday May 06, 2017 @08:45PM Should The Government Pay For Veterans To Attend Code Schools?
Friday May 05, 2017 @05:13PM 10 Percent of Harvard's Popular 'Introduction To Computer Science' Class Accused of Cheating
Friday May 05, 2017 @01:34PM How Scratch Is Feeding Hacker Values into Young Minds
Friday May 05, 2017 @09:59AM EU Leader Says English Is Losing Importance
Tuesday May 02, 2017 @06:21PM Microsoft Is Bringing Office to the Windows Store
Tuesday May 02, 2017 @05:50PM Trump Administration Rolls Back Obama-Era Nutrition Standards For School Lunches
Tuesday May 02, 2017 @04:22PM Colleges Are Starting Varsity Programs For Video Games
Tuesday May 02, 2017 @10:00AM Microsoft Unveils Windows 10 S, an Education Edition Limited To Windows Store Apps
Sunday April 30, 2017 @01:04PM Microsoft And Apple Target Schools In War With Chromebook
Thursday April 27, 2017 @05:00PM University of California IT Workers Replaced By Offshore Outsourcing Firm To File Discrimination Lawsuit
Thursday April 27, 2017 @04:09PM Ask Slashdot: What Are Your Favorite Books On Entrepreneurship?
Wednesday April 26, 2017 @11:09PM LinkedIn Testing 1970's-Style No-CS-Degree-Required Software Apprenticeships
Sunday April 23, 2017 @01:01AM Slashdot Asks: What Was Your First Programming Language?
Friday April 21, 2017 @11:32PM EFF Says Google Chromebooks Are Still Spying On Students
Friday April 21, 2017 @07:41PM Pioneering Researchers Track Sudden Learning 'Epiphanies'
Friday April 21, 2017 @12:49PM Leaked Document Sheds Light On Microsoft's Chromebook Rival
Friday April 21, 2017 @10:33AM Trump's FCC Votes To Allow Broadband Rate Hikes Will Deprive More Public Schools From Getting Internet Access
Wednesday April 19, 2017 @11:57PM No, Millennials Aren't a Bunch of Job-Hopping Flakes
Wednesday April 19, 2017 @06:04PM States Are Moving To Cut College Costs By Introducing Open-Source Textbooks
Wednesday April 19, 2017 @12:49PM TED Wants To Remind Us That Ideas -- Not Politicians -- Shape the Future