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Tuesday January 17, 2012 @12:58PM OpenStreetMap Reports Data Vandalism From Google-Owned IPs
Sunday November 21, 2010 @04:00PM Google Warns Irish Government Against Tax Increase
Friday February 19, 2010 @02:56PM Google Buys iPhone Search App, Kills It
Friday January 29, 2010 @02:22PM Behind Google's Recent Decision About China
Friday September 25, 2009 @02:58PM Google Serves a Cease-and-Desist On Android Modder
Friday February 06, 2009 @03:56PM Google Earth 5.0 Silently Changes Update Policy
Friday October 17, 2008 @07:10AM Android Also Comes With a Kill-Switch
Friday September 26, 2008 @06:21PM Google To Fund Ideas That Will Change the World
Wednesday May 21, 2008 @04:51PM YouTube Refuses To Remove Terrorist Videos
Monday May 19, 2008 @05:46PM Google Assists In Arrest Of Indian Man
Wednesday November 28, 2007 @11:54AM Google Gives Up IP of Anonymous Blogger
Tuesday July 24, 2007 @08:26AM Which Google Should Congress Believe?
Saturday May 12, 2007 @11:02AM Google Shareholders Reject Censorship Proposal
Tuesday April 24, 2007 @04:44PM Outcry Over Google's Purchase of Doubleclick
Monday April 16, 2007 @02:16PM Behavioral Search & Advertising On Its Way?
Tuesday April 03, 2007 @02:52PM Google In Bidding To Buy DoubleClick
Tuesday March 13, 2007 @05:38AM Google Aids Indian Goverment Censorship
Monday February 05, 2007 @05:40AM Google Sought To Hide Political Dealmaking
Monday January 29, 2007 @02:04AM Google Admits China Censorship Was Damaging
Thursday July 06, 2006 @07:24AM Google Fires Off Warning to US Telcos
Thursday June 08, 2006 @01:04AM Google Admits Compromising Principles in China