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Submission + - Using net proxies will lead to harsher sentences

Afforess writes: ""Proxy servers are an everyday part of Internet surfing. But using one in a crime could soon lead to more time in the clink" reports the Associated Press. The new federal rules would make the use of proxy servers count a "sophistication" in a crime, leading in 25% longer jail sentences. Privacy advocates complain this will disincentivize privacy and anonymity online. "[The government is telling people] ...if you take normal steps to protect your privacy, we're going to view you as a more sophisticated criminal" writes the Center for Democracy and Technology. Others fear this may harm lead to "cruel and unusual punishments" as Internet and cell phone providers often use proxies without users knowledge to reroute Internet traffic. This may also ultimately harm corporations when employees abuse VPN's, as they too are count as a "proxy" in the new legislation. TOR, a common Internet anonymizer is also targeted in the new legislation. Some analysts believe this legislation is an effort to stop leaked US Government information from reaching outside sources, such as Wikileaks, a prominent and controversial government watchdog site. The legislation (Warning, PDF file. The proposed amendment is on pages 5-15) will be voted on by the United States Sentencing Commission on April 15, and are set to take effect on November 1st."
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Using net proxies will lead to harsher sentences

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