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Submission + - Dealing With Copyright Takedown Requests ( 1

George Maschke writes: "I recently received a takedown notice from a corporate lawyer demanding that a post on my website's message board purportedly listing the first 75 of 567 questions on the MMPI-2 paper-and-pencil psychological test be removed. It seems to me that such posting of a limited amount copyrighted material for discussion purposes on a public-interest, non-profit website falls within the scope of the fair use exemption of U.S. copyright law, and I have thus declined to remove the post. I believe that the corporation in question is seeking to chill public discussion of its test (which applicants for employment with many governmental agencies are required to complete) and would be interested in Slashdotters' thoughts about this matter."
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Dealing With Copyright Takedown Requests

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  • 75/567 is 13%. I'd be careful with that. On the other hand, I'm always against governments depending too much on private sector; this looks like one of those cases, where people's lives depend on judgement by a privately held corporation.

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