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Submission + - Will Spectrum Fees Preclude Low-Cost Cellular? 1

theodp writes: "Not to apologize for an industry that charges $27,000 to catch a Chicago Bears game, but will the huge spectrum fees charged by the government block the emergence of low-cost cellular service? In the most recent FCC spectrum auction, carriers paid nearly $20 billion to grab a swath of the 700MHz spectrum. And now under President Obama's proposed budget, wireless carriers would be hit with huge annual fees — eventually $500 million per carrier — for the right to hold a spectrum license, in addition to the billions already paid in FCC spectrum auctions. Are spectrum auctions and fees really something that the FCC should be bragging about?"
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Will Spectrum Fees Preclude Low-Cost Cellular?

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  • Who cares about that segment of the population? We want more funding to funnel into washington and into our pockets. Screw the little people out in 'fly-over' land.

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