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Submission + - UK Gov: IWF list should cover 100% of UK broadband (bbc.co.uk) 1

wild_quinine writes: The UK government stated in 2006 that they wished to see 100% of UK consumer broadband ISP's connections covered by blocking, which includes images of child abuse. 95% of ISPs have complied, but children's charities are calling for firmer action by the government as the last 5% cite costs and concerns over the effectiveness of the system. According to Home Office Minister Alan Campbell, "The government is currently looking at ways to progress the final 5%." With a lack of transparency in the IWF list, firm government involvement, and blocking which only 'includes' (but may not be limted to) images of child abuse, it looks like the writing is on the wall for unfiltered, uncensored internet connections in the UK.
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UK Gov: IWF list should cover 100% of UK broadband

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  • (I managed to attract a flame when I commented on the New Zealand filter at El Reg [theregister.co.uk] - so let's see how I do here :-)

    Basically, through superior techy knowledge, most of us have been able to access any information we like, of any kind, on the Internet. We've been able to access stuff that, under other circumstances, would be illegal in our own country.

    For example, the UK, like many other countries, has a film classification board [bbfc.co.uk] that determines "for the public good" what can be shown in cinemas, licens

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