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Submission + - Sex Offender E-Mail Registry Signed Into Law

tragedy in chaos writes: "From Wired yesterday, Senator and Presidential-hopeful John McCain has managed to get a new bill signed into law, the the hope of ridding our social networks of the sexual predation of our children.

The "Keeping the Internet Devoid of Sexual Predators Act of 2008" as it is so called, calls for a database to be made in which all registered sexual offenders must also register their e-mail addresses so as that MySpace, Facebook, etc. can run current and hopeful users through it, and eliminate access to the offenders.

This however, though a noble goal, is not very well thought out in methodology. They are asking known criminals to be honest, and are expecting them not to utilize any of the free and readily available e-mail services that exist so as to circumvent the system. There is also a potential for the crafty sex offender, to possibly cause false-positives by just registering an address that does not belong to them, thereby drawing in innocent by-standers.

While I'm not trying to advocate for the offenders, I do believe there to be a better solution to the issue than this law. What are some of your thoughts?"
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Sex Offender E-Mail Registry Signed Into Law

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