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Submission + - EFF to Appeal Court Order vs. Subway Hack Demo (

snydeq writes: "The EFF plans to appeal a U.S. District Court order that kept three MIT students from presenting detailed flaws in the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority e-ticketing system at Defcon. The MBTA filed the lawsuit Friday to stop Zack Anderson, RJ Ryan, and Alessandro Chiesa from giving their talk, 'The Anatomy of a Subway Hack: Breaking Crypto RFIDs & Magstripes of Ticketing Systems,' naming MIT as a defendant in the lawsuit [PDF] as well. 'The statute on its face appears to be discussing sending code programs or similar type of information to a computer and does not appear to contemplate somebody who is giving a talk to humans,' said EFF senior staff attorney Kurt Opsahl. 'Nevertheless, the court disagreed with that interpretation.' The court order also suggests that a magnetic strip on a paper card counts as a computer, an interpretation with which the EFF also disagrees. Some of the students' material had previously been reported in the Boston Globe and Boston Herald. Moreover, presentation slides had already been included in a conference CD given to Defcon attendees."
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EFF to Appeal Court Order vs. Subway Hack Demo

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