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Submission + - Blogger Supoenaed for Criticizing Trial Lawyers

Cutie Pi writes: "Trial laywers are trying to set a scary new precedent of silencing bloggers who oppose them. Katherine Seidel, mother of an autistic child and an avid blogger has been supoenaed for her "family's bank records, tax returns, autism-related medical and educational records, and every communication concerning all of the issues to which I have devoted [her] attention and energy in recent years." The laywer in question is representing a mother who is suing Bayer for $20M with the claim that mercury in their vaccines caused her child's autism. In her blog Seidel has spoken out against laywers trying to cash in on thimerosal lawsuits, noting that the thimerosal-autism link has been debunked in several studies. But Seidel herself has had no direct involvement in the lawsuit. Will controversial bloggers soon be forced to hide their identities to avoid lawsuits?"
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Blogger Supoenaed for Criticizing Trial Lawyers

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