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Submission + - In Soviet US, Comcast watches YOU (newteevee.com) 4

cayenne8 writes: Ok, this is interesting. At the Digital Living Room conference recently, Gerard Kunkel, Comcast's senior VP of user experience stated that the cable company is experimenting with different camera technologies built into devices so it can know who's in your living room — According to this article from Newteevee.com. They're experimenting with cameras on the settop boxes that while apparently NOT using facial recognition software, can still somehow figure out who is in the room, and customize user preferences for cable (favorite channels, etc).

While this sounds 'handy', it also sounds a bit like the tv sets in 1984, where Big Brother watches you, as you watch tv. I am sure, of course, that Comcast wouldn't tap into this for any reason, nor let the authorities tap into this to watch inside your home in real time without a warrant or anything.

I don't think even my tinfoil hat would help with this...

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In Soviet US, Comcast watches YOU

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  • It's called reality television and networks rake in millions of dollars worth of commercial advertising through it.
  • The newteevee.com article "Comcast Cameras to Start Watching You" portrayed some assumptions that require correction and clarification. I want to be clear that in no way are we exploring any camera devices that would monitor customer behavior. To gather information for this article, the blogger picked up on a conversation between Gerard Kunkel and another person at a recent conference. They were discussing the various input devices offered by a variety of vendors that Comcast is reviewing. The camera-base
    • So what about Kunkel's alleged comments about the "holy grail" of targeted advertising?

      Consumers are understandably paranoid about a system that monitors what's happening in a room. And the really intrusive nightmare would be targeted ads, which is exactly what was brought up as a possible application. Shifting the balance of power away from the viewer and towards the advertiser ... letting the set evaluate what products and services a viewer is most likely to be vulnerable to from watching their viewing

  • A short indie film about a digibox system that tracks viewers and selects its advertising accordingly:

    http://www.costoflivingthefilm.com/ [costoflivingthefilm.com]

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