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Submission + - Does Not Allow The New FireFox Do Not Track Function To Be Used (

dryriver writes: German news magazine and online news website Der Spiegel ( apparently does not like adblockers or "do not track" features. After my FireFox updated to the latest version and I switched on its "do not track" function to see how well it works, started throwing up pop up windows every few seconds, preventing me from reading their website further, and asking me to "turn of adblocking and do not track" when browsing their site. This is pretty ironic as Der Spiegel — a serious news source in Germany that has been around for decades — often reports on the economic corruption, corporate malfeasance and unwarranted surveillance. Strange but true — the website constantly pesters you to turn off ad-blocking and do not track, blurs the website text so it can't be read anymore, and even instructs you on how to set up an ad-blocking "exception" for One can't help but wonder what will happen to the internet if hundreds of other popular websites start fighting fundamental browser privacy features and extensions like this website does.
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