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An anonymous reader writes: Remember the Facebook News Feed privacy uproar? What about the Beacon scandal from late last year? Privacy activists are rallying around yet another major issue at Facebook, in which the company is secretly sharing user data with third parties. Researchers from the University of Virginia recently announced that in a study of the top 150 Facebook applications, more than 90% were given access to information that was not needed to function correctly. That Scrabble or Superpoke application you really like? It's developers get access to your religion, sexuality and home town. Facebook's position was summed up by Georgetown Law Professor Dan Solove, "they seem to be going on the assumption that if someone uses Facebook, they really have no privacy concerns."

Do Facebook users deserve privacy? Should private profile data be shared with third party app developers, all without user notification? CNET's in-depth article explores the issue, including a response from Facebook's chief privacy officer.

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Facebook Applications: The next privacy scandal

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