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Submission + - Amazon Patents 404 Pages 2

theodp writes: "Among the patents awarded to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Tuesday was one for his invention of Error Processing Methods for Providing Responsive Content to a User When a Page Load Error Occurs, which covers displaying alternate web pages in response to HTTP 404 page-not-found errors. So is this the technology that causes Amazon's Home Page to be displayed when Bezos' MIA Patent Reform Page can't be found?"
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Amazon Patents 404 Pages

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  • When will we all wake up and realize that while we shake our head over the stupid things corporations get away with, we are at the same time handing them our money which enables them to afford the lawyers and free time to whack us over the head and take more of our money?

    Wake up people and take control over these idiots...we have the money and therefore the power to control how these corporations and true pirates of intellectual property operate! Do enough people really care to make an impact on someone li
  • This could actually be the first patent I've seen in a long time that could be used to defend against patent trolls - any patent troll with a website is in violation of this patent, and would thus be liable for the same "damages" as their victims.

    Then again, who am I kidding - Amazon will probably just use this the same way they used the 1-click patent, to stomp on their competition without having to compete with them.

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