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The Courts

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Come play kdice writes: "A federal judge has handed the MPAA a resounding victory in its copyright infringement lawsuit against TorrentSpy. Judge Florence-Marie Cooper entered a default judgment against Justin Bunnell and the rest of named defendants in Columbia Pictures et al. v. Justin Bunnell et al. after finding that TorrentSpy "engaged in widespread and systematic efforts to destroy evidence" and lying under oath about said destruction. After being sued, TorrentSpy mounted a vigorous defense, including a countersuit it filed against the MPAA in May 2006, but, behind the scenes, the court documents paint a picture of a company desperately trying to bury any and all incriminating evidence. TorrentSpy has announced its intention to appeal, but its conduct makes a reversal unlikely."
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Judge rules TorrentSpy destroyed evidence

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  • If you point to where there is a overturned armored car where people are scooping out cash then your helping other people steal. Now granted hollywood wouldn't know a decent script if it bit them they still toss a hell of a lot of money down the hole and hope to see some back. Real people get real wages out of this industry.

    And on the other hand the RIAA steals from both sides and I don't favor them with any such sympathy. But once the movie industry does a iTunes with movies for a buck then I am gonna go b

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