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Submission + - Microsoft's Ballmer: Google Reads Your Mail 5

Anonymous writes: A piece of video has emerged in which Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer says of Google, "they read your mail and we don't." Evidently, it was part of a lengthy discussion on the future of the software business model, and whether advertising could support free consumer software. Ballmer said it doesn't work, at least when it comes to email.
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Microsoft's Ballmer: Google Reads Your Mail

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  • well? I can say that shit is worth its weight in gold but it doesn't make it so.
  • This is kind of stupid. Wow, Ballmer is revealing to people that the guy hosting your email can read it. Duh! Wow, Ballmer, you really ought to get a nobel prize for that one. Seriously, if you are worried about people reading your emails, host your own email server. Of course, you still have to worry about the other guy you're sending to or receiving emails from having his email hosted by a third party. But hey, that's the price you pay when you aren't smart enough or energetic enough to run your own email
  • Hotmail had a habit of deleting your mail - which is worse ?

    Hotmail get spam even when you don't publish your address - which is worse ?

    Mr Ballmer should not go about trash talking their competition - especially when the Microsoft alternative is clearly worse and Microsoft seems unwilling to learn from their competitors successes or listen to their end users.

    I'm one happy Google 'customer' - I can't say that any of Mr Ballmers offerings are particularly tempting.

  • He left out the part that humans at Google could really give a crap about what's in your mailbox (in specific terms), but the AI does care -- so it can show you the ads most suited to you. On this, his point is perfectly valid.

    The question is whether people can/should care about their privacy in the hands of AI; it's not like Google gets its rocks off paying thousands of people to read the mail of its customers.

    Singularity here we come!
  • Must be great late night reading, especially all the spam. Coming from such a virtuous source, I feel compelled to forthwith adandon my gmail account in favour of an Outlook account on a windows server because Steve is such a nice guy and windows email systems are so good.

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