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Submission + - The DOT wants to know where you are 1

schwit1 writes: What could go wrong? The DOT has proposed that all new cars be required to broadcast their location and speed.

They claim that this data could be used to provide drivers with a warning if their vehicle might be getting too close to another vehicle. It will also be necessary to make driverless cars more reliable.

I wonder what other uses this information could have.
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The DOT wants to know where you are

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  • Such a move would do away with radar and other speed trap tools.

    All that would be needed is a box that gathers this information and
    issues citations.

    A patrol car need only get close. Static devices catch you in passing.
    Static devices can log you in passing. Any traffic light would have the
    location and position to also be a speed trap.

    Contra flow traffic would gather an astounding number of vehicle information

    I wonder if traffic avoidance and serious injury line up well.
    I would expect most serious i

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