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An anonymous reader writes: For some reason that escapes me, a Judge has granted Microsoft permission to hijack NoIP's dns. This is necessary according to Microsoft to thwart a 'global cybercrime epidemic' being perpetrated by infected Microsoft machines.
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Microsoft takes down domains

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  • The fact that Microsoft is able to do this alone, with no government involvement other than the injunction is ALL KINDS OF BAD precident.
  • I used to use
    and ALWAYS recommended it
    it was a great service

  • If you read the full complaint, there's an entire section (paragraphs 32-36) headlined Defendant Vitalwerks Is on Notice of the Dynamic DNS Abuse and Has Failed to Take Corrective Action wherein Microsoft acknowledges that No-IP does have an anti-abuse policy, but that they're not responsive and that they failed to follow the recommendations that Microsoft and Cisco had put forth earlier in the year. This would seem to contradict No-IP's claim that this was entirely out of the blue.

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