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UrsaMajor987 writes: I just recently retired after along career in IT. I am not ready to kick the bucket quite yet, but having seen the difficulty created by people dying without a will and documenting what they have and where it is, I am busy doing just that. At the end of it all, I will have documentation on financial accounts, passwords, etc. which I will want to share with a few people who are pretty far away. I can always print a copy and and have it delivered to them, but is there any way to share this sort of information electronically? There are lots of things to secure transmission of data, but once it arrives on the recipients' desktop, you run the risk of their system being compromised and exposing the data. Does anyone have any suggestions or is paper still the most secure way to go?
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How to share sensitive information

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  • Read up on the one time pad, number station idea. Dont re use your key and the data can sit in the open.
    "TrueCrypt probably didn't leave a Latin message alerting users to NSA spying" (17 June 2014)
    The other option is []
    The first letter of a short text reverts back to some useful message.

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