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Submission + - Amazon confirms Hachette Spat Is to "Get A Better Deal" ( 1

tlhIngan writes: Last week we heard that Amazon was withdrawing Hachette books from its virtual shelves including allowing preorders of the new JK Rowling book. Amazon has responded to these allegations, and confirms that yes, they are purposefully preventing pre-orders and lowering stock in order to get a better deal from Hachette. Amazon recommends that in the meantime, customers either buy a used or new copy from their zShops or buy from a competitor. Amazon admits there is nothing wrong with Hachette's business dealings and that they are a generally good supplier.
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Amazon confirms Hachette Spat Is to "Get A Better Deal"

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  • If this is legal, well, we don't really expect much good out of our Fearless Leaders nowadays, do we. I don't condone these sort of tactics, and I, for one, will eschew Amazon for any of my numerous online purchases.

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