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Submission + - Proposed California Bill Affirms Privacy Rights Against NSA Spying Methods (

amxcoder writes: A recent bill making it's way through the California Legislature, reaffirms the 4th amendment for NSA style wiretapping of cell phones and computer records, and declares that the NSA's data collection methods and practices are unconstitutional in the state's opinion. The bill has passed the California Senate with only a single opposing vote. The bill seems to be a reaction to information about NSA's wiretapping and data collection methods revealed by Edward Snowden, and would require a warrant issued by a Judge to be issued before the state's law enforcement and other departments can assist federal agencies in obtaining these records. There are several other bills in other states similar to this that are going through various state legislatures, but California's is the furthest along in the process. With the methods the NSA gathers much of it's data, using data center taps, and secret deals with private enterprises, it is unknown how much this will actually hamper the NSA's data mining schemes, but at the least, it establishes that the state of 38 million people are not happy with the NSA's spying methods and breach of individual's privacy. There is also a federal bill in the works that accomplishes similar goals, this could be a catalyst to help keep that moving through Congress.
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Proposed California Bill Affirms Privacy Rights Against NSA Spying Methods

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