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Submission + - Guess Which State Has The Highest Percentage Of Electric Cars 6

cartechboy writes: Bet you read that and instantly just blurted out California. Nope! You're wrong my friend. Yes, California makes headlines constantly for its going green initiatives, plug-in hybrids, and the stickers for the fast lane in on the highway. Surprise! It turns out the state of Washington has the largest percentage of electric vehicle sales. In fact, California isn't even in second place, that honor goes to Hawaii which pushes the electric-car friendly state of California to third place. The former two states had a 1.6 percent share of new car registrations from January through November 2013, with California on 1.4 percent. Of course, Oregon and Georgia also make the list with a 1.1 percent share. Rounding out the list we have District of Columbia, Utah, Colorado, Tennesse, and Illinois. It's worth mentioning that Tesla has now sold a car in all 50 states, though, California has been the largest market for the Tesla Model S to date. It'll likely take a while before another state catches up in that department.
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Guess Which State Has The Highest Percentage Of Electric Cars

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  • In Hawaii it's a moot point because nearly all of the electricity on the island comes from burning oil.

    • Forget I said that. Anyone who would buy an electric car in Hawaii also has solar or wind power at home charging the car. Solar is very efficient at that latitude and the winds very reliable.

    • Wrong. Internal combustion cars are about 20% efficient. Modern combined cycle power plants are 60% efficient. So even if 100% of your state's electricity came from coal, you'd still be about twice as energy efficient and carbon efficient by using a fully electric vehicle (considering 1/3 energy loss from transformers, transmissions lines, charging/using your batteries).

      But once you consider hydro, nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, geothermal and natural gas, you're in average 3-4 times more efficient even wit

      • Hawaii isn't using combined cycle power plants, nuclear, biomass, geothermal or natural gas. They're using old-school oil plants with a dash of wind and privately owned solar.

        Electricity on Oahu costs nearly 3 times what electricity on the mainland costs: around 35 cents per kWh versus 13 cents in the Washington DC area. It's even more expensive on the other islands. Their gasoline is more expensive too, but only by 15 to 20%.

        Bad on me for forgetting the privately owned solar. 1.6 percent of new car purchas

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