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Daniel_Stuckey writes: The NSA’s metaphorical Eye of Sauron is powered by supercomputers that get super-hot creeping on all that data, and to avoid bursting into flames they require massive amounts of water-cooling. Without the water, these computers literally crash and burn. And as Michael Boldin,the founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Centre told me, turning off the tap is theoretically fairly easy to do: “In theory, if they don't have water, electricity, wastewater treatment, and all kinds of other daily needs, they're going to have a pretty hard time operating.”

Off Now are leading the charge with a state-level bill, the Fourth Amendment Protection Act. If adopted, it would effectively nullify all NSA facilities within that state by refusing to provide them with crucial day-to-day services. It's now been introduced in ten states (though predictably stalled at various points along the way), and the campaign has also given birth to other related actions—adopting a similar strategy, a campaign to cut off the NSA’s juice in Washington State has received over 18,000 signatures of their 20,000-strong goal. By targeting individual facilities, Off Now believes the NSA’s accumulative power can be significantly reduced.

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A Grassroots Campaign Using the 4th Amendment to Shut Off the NSA's Water Supply

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  • (If this ever happens,) cue NSA building it's own powerplant or storing a shitload of diesel next to it in 3, 2, 1...
  • If this actually gets any real steam, the feds will just pass a law (using whatever tricks they need) that makes it illegal for any utility operator (private, municipal, co-op, state-owned or otherwise) to refuse to provide service to a federal facility and if the law doesn't get the juice or water back on, federal goons seizing the plants and facilities under the auspices of "national security" will probably work.

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