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cold fjord writes: Computing reports on a UK survey, "Governments remain the organisations most trusted by the public to handle personal data, despite revelations about surveillance and data collection schemes by the US National Security Agency (NSA), the UK's GCHQ and other governmental organisations around the world. That's according to research by accounting and consultancy firm Ernst & Young, which suggests that more than half of people — 55 per cent — say they're comfortable sharing personal information with central government organisations ... However, consumers are more wary about sharing their data with private companies. Just one-third told Ernst & Young that they're willing to share personal information with financial institutions, while one-quarter are happy to do so when it comes to their energy provider. Only one-fifth of those surveyed said they're comfortable sharing personal data with supermarkets. ... it was web firms that people were most claimed to be wary of sharing information with — fewer than one-in-10 said they were comfortable about sharing data with social networks, such as Facebook or web search engines like Google." — More at IT Pro
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Post-NSA Government Still Trusted Over Private Firms

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