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Nerval's Lobster writes: For most businesses, data analytics presents an opportunity. But for DARPA, the military agency responsible for developing new technology, so-called “Big Data” could represent a big threat. DARPA is apparently looking to fund researchers who can “investigate the national security threat posed by public data available either for purchase or through open sources.” That means developing tools that can evaluate whether a particular public dataset will have a significant impact on national security, as well as blunt the force of that impact if necessary. “The threat of active data spills and breaches of corporate and government information systems are being addressed by many private, commercial, and government organizations,” reads DARPA’s posting on the matter. “The purpose of this research is to investigate data sources that are readily available for any individual to purchase, mine, and exploit.” As Foreign Policy points out, there’s a certain amount of irony in the government soliciting ways to reduce its vulnerability to data exploitation. “At the time government officials are assuring Americans they have nothing to fear from the National Security Agency poring through their personal records,” the publication wrote, “the military is worried that Russia or al Qaeda is going to wreak nationwide havoc after combing through people’s personal records.”
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DARPA Fears Big Data Could Become Big Threat

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