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Submission + - Six strick warning from internet providers for illegal downloads begins (ap.org) 1

mynameiskhan writes: Major internet service providers will monitor the internet traffic 'to' the customer's computer and will warn them if they download copyrighted materials using peer to peer network. The article says "A person will be given up to six opportunities to stop before the Internet provider will take more drastic steps, such as temporarily slowing their connection, or redirecting Internet traffic until they acknowledge they received a notice or review educational materials about copyright law.". Furthermore, if you appeal the warning you will be required to pay $35 to stake your claim. Have the ISPs have had enough of RIAA pestering or are they siding with RIAA?
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Six strick warning from internet providers for illegal downloads begins

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  • Is this inside out.

    Copyright has to do with the rights to distribute and profit from. It does not limit the reading and viewing.... This appears to be an attack on the reader and viewer.

    In the US the rights and laws associated with freedom of speech has an implicit right to listen to and read/view free speech.

    More troubling to me is the risk to the communication structure of the nation. This seems to be an attack on p2p communications. This attack on p2p communications is a necessary step in the a

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